All Natural Hair Dye

Making a decision to change the color of your hair is really not a trivial matter, it is a brave one. There are still a lot of people who said that changing the natural color of your hair is equal to disgrace God’s gift to us. However, this is really not the case to debate right? Beautify what God has gifted to us is actually another form of our thankfulness to him. God even send us various types of all natural hair dye to help us color our hair without harming it.


Do you know what hair dye that is claimed to be all natural? Let’s take a look at this passage further. Today, this article we have here is going to give you brief explanation and examples of all natural hair colors you can safely use to dye your hair. All of these following hair colors are made of natural and organic ingredients that will not harm our hair. We all know that hair is actually fragile and can be easily damaged by chemical substances. Coloring your hair using the prepacked hair dye products out there will possibly put your hair to risk. Under this concern, it will be better if you take the natural way of coloring hair so you will be able to preserve the health and beauty of your hair.


Homemade Natural Hair Dye

All Natural Hair Color All Natural Hair Dye

All Natural Hair Color

One example of all natural hair dye recipes that has been very popular is natural blonde from organic ingredients. This type of natural hair dye is formulated to get blonde hair color naturally, without using any products of chemical hair dye. In order to make this natural blonde recipe, you need to prepare the ingredients first, they are chamomile flowers, marigold flowers, lemon juice, acacia honey, rhubarb root powder, alcohol and also vinegar.

Henna Dye for Natural Hair 300x220 All Natural Hair Dye

Henna Dye for Natural Hair

All of these ingredients, except lemon and alcohol, should be boiled in a saucepan for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. After you got the extracts of those ingredients now you can put it in a bottle after let it cool. Mix the extract with lemon juice and alcohol then shake it so it can mix completely. Apply this mixture on your hair and wait for a moment to let it works.


Natural Brands
Most Popular Natural Hair Dyes All Natural Hair Dye
Aside from homemade natural hair dye you can make at home, you can also look for several trusted hair dye brands that is proven to have natural ingredients. The first example is Henna hair color product that is made of henna plants. This type of plant is able to create color naturally by binding its molecules with the keratin in your hair shafts. There are several colors you can get for Henna including black, brown and red.
Natural Hair Dye without Chemicals 300x199 All Natural Hair Dye
Another brand of all natural hair dye you can find in the markets is Palette By Nature. This brand said that their products are mostly made of organic ingredients and are one hundred percent plants based hair dye system. Their products are chemical free so you can surely use their products without worrying of damaging your hair in return.

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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

Not only hair that can become a problem for any women, but skin can also be the biggest problem to be solved by most women and they will do anything for making their skin become “flawless skin” because the nice and healthy skin is the precious asset for women which is one of important parts in their appearances. However, there are many skin care products that can be chosen by you so that you can make your skin healthier and even your skin can be protected from any things endangering your skin. One of the skin products that can be trusted by you is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation, and you will get some information you need in this Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation review before you can buy the product.

Your skin’s luminosity, tone and texture will definitely be improved by the exclusive blend plus SPF20 which can work together and the silky-light coverage can also be glided on for your natural look, and these points can only be got when you use the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation. As informed in the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation review, your skin’s will be able to be maintained young and healthy look, there are also twelve new shades that are offered by this product and the silky formula, lightweight, flawless coverage are included in this characteristics.

Tan, Natural Tan, Medium Beige, Natural Beige, Nude, Natural Ivory, Honey Beige, Warm Beige, Fresh Beige, Soft Beige, Buff and also Classic Ivory are included in the twelve new shades which has been mentioned before and you may choose based on your skin’s need. For your natural and fair skin, the Natural Beige can be your best option because there are many foundations sold in the drugstore cannot be as natural as this product. A variety of undertones is often lacked by many common foundations sold out there, but you will not have to worry about this anymore because you can choose from the twelve shades there.

neutrogena healthy skin foundation review1 300x183 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

Best Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

Moreover, the consistency of the foundation created by Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation can also be trusted and proven by you, and that it is really lightweight and blended easily can also be proven. Some people have even proven that the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation is thicker and creamier than L’Oreal Truematch, thinner than Revlon Colorstay and also runnier than Maybelline Fit Me, and this fact has already been compared by many people with the other drugstore foundations. Hence, it means that this product will be suitable for your skin and it will make your skin more natural and healthier for sure.

neutrogena healthy skin foundation review3 300x201 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

Useful Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

According to the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation reviewin other sites, the weaknesses of the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation is about its packaging which is the too-large-pour spout so when a little of the foundation wants to be poured on your hand, then it will be too much and it will also lead to messy condition. However, every product can still have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it is just about the packaging and it means that you can still consider this product, right?

neutrogena healthy skin foundation review2 300x225 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

Use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

Well, hopefully through this Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation review, you can decide what skin care product that you want to buy. Try to buy this product. Do not hesitate to use this and make your skin healthier from now on.

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Celebrity Male Hairstyles

Looking for the best hair style that can suit us the most is definitely not a simple and easy task to accomplish, especially for men. Although there are infinite ideas of haircuts and hair styles you can see in uncountable numbers of salon spread all over the world, you can hardly find the most attractive one. According to some people, they said that one solution to cure our confusion of choosing haircut or hair style is to look at the hairstyles worn by celebrities. Celebrity male hairstyles are definitely more free and trendy compared to regular haircut and hairstyle we can see in a barbershop. Do you want to know the celebrities whose hairstyles are popular and loved by a lot of men? Here they are, check it out guys!


Michael Pitt Hairstyle
Black Celebrity Hair Stylist1 300x225 Celebrity Male Hairstyles
Michael Pitt is probably not as famous as Brad Pitt but his hairstyle is definitely not something you need to compare as well. The hairstyle of Michael Pitt is very popular among men, especially after his constant appearance on Boardwalk Empire Show. If you can see that some men prefer short hair then the rest have decided to be the same side of Michael Pitt who loves longer hair. His usual hairstyle is around mid length or shoulder length with floppy bangs. You can wear this hairstyle in messy style or you can also make it looks tidy and neat by slicking it back.


Johnny Depp Hairstyle
Famous Hair Salon1 300x264 Celebrity Male Hairstyles
If we are talking about celebrity male hairstyles we cannot leave the top Hollywood male celebrities out, right? Johnny Depp is definitely a famous name that is well known and loved by a lot of people. Aside from his marvelous acting skill, Johnny Depp also has a good fashion taste that can make a lot of girls go crazy about him. Of course, all of you want the same treatment from girls, don’t you? That is why, one effort you can do is to adapt his hairstyle or haircut. His famous laid back hairstyle is definitely the best option if you want to look classy, especially in formal occasions. You can also try his messy cheek bone length style if you want casual look.


Jared Leto Hairstyle
Shekinah Celebrity Hair Stylist1 300x249 Celebrity Male Hairstyles
The name of Jared Leto really seems to beat the popularity of his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. For those who love rock music will absolutely be familiar with this name. There are a lot of people said that all the spirit of masculinity and rock can be found in Jared Leto. His grunge hairstyle is one of his popular hairstyles that has a lot of admirers. Usually, he wears jet black hair with red dyed tips while performing on stage with his band.


Jake Gyllenhaal
Top Celebrity Hair Stylist1 300x298 Celebrity Male Hairstyles
Another idea of celebrity male hairstyles you can also try is Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyle. This male celebrity is famous for his Donnie Darko, an independent movie. If you want to get casual yet trendy look of manly style, you can try his hairstyle. Usally, Jake Gyllenhaal has conventional short haircut that has various length top. You can do a lot of modifications to the top part so you can get different styles.

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How to Make All Natural Soap

If you are looking for the step to make own natural soap is easy to try at home. Making natural soap at home yourself is good idea. Because you know what all of ingredients of soap that you purchased in store not all include good ingredients for your skin. You must ever worry about it, so with making natural soap you can be spared from the harmful ingredients.

How to make natural soap at home?

In this article, we will show you step by step about making your own natural homemade soap. So, read more this article to get more information and learn how to learn the natural soap. Here are

Making Natural Soap without Lye How to Make All Natural Soap

Making Natural Soap without Lye

  1. Things you will need

Before you begin to making natural soap there are things you will need such as soap molds with any shapes, 100% pure petroleum jelly, 1 tablespoon distilled water, cheese grater, a double boiler, wooden spoon, and wire rack.

  1. Lightly grease A double boiler with petroleum jelly

Now, you can start with lightly grease the inside of your soap molds with petroleum jelly. Place and set the soap molds aside.

  1. Grate the soap

Grate your soap base until you have the equivalent of 1 ¼ cups. Place the grate soap into a double boiler over medium heat and add distilled water into the pans.

  1. Adding the fragrance and natural color

Use heat gently and Stir the mixture of implies above looks like a fluffy pudding for 30 minutes. Do not allow the soap base to boil. If you want to smell fragrance, you can add fragrance oil or essential oil. Pour the essential oil while the soap is melted. Do not use the alcohol based scents because they will force your soap to separate completely.

Make Organic Soap at Home How to Make All Natural Soap

Make Organic Soap at Home

You can add some ingredients to give the color for your soap such as red color for beetroot powder or red hibiscus flower, yellow color for saffron or turmeric and brown color for chamomile or pekoe tea.

  1. Pour the soap into a soap molds

When you got the soap is melted, spoon the melted soap quickly. You must carefully do this process. Pour the melted soap into the molds and allow the soap to sit the molds until cool completely. Before you fill the molds with melted soap make sure you tap the edges of the molds to remove air bubbles.

Homemade Soap without Lye How to Make All Natural Soap

Homemade Soap without Lye

  1. Place it on the wire rack

Leave it on at least 24 hours before you using. Leave it on and after dry gently remove the soaps from the molds and place on the wire rack. If your soap seems uneven around the edges, you can use sharp knife to smooth the edges. Avoid wrapping your natural soap in an airtight container because it allowed breathing. Wrap the soap with porous materials such as wax paper or netting.

Homemade All Natural Soap How to Make All Natural Soap

Homemade All Natural Soap


So, make your natural soap at home with the tips above to get easy ways. Wait for the next tips. Thank you J


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Beauty Supply Wholesalers

Sometimes, shopping cosmetic products and other beauty products can really be costly.  Therefore, we need to be considerate and smart in shopping this type of needs. Do not stick to the new arrival items just to follow the trends because it will definitely cost you a lot. As an alternative, why do not you take a look at the beauty supply wholesales out there? There are infinite beauty supply wholesalers that offer various beauty products and cosmetics in more affordable prices. If you are looking for various wholesale beauty products you can have with cheaper prices, the wholesalers will be the right place to visit.


This type of suppliers or sellers are specially running a business in discounted beauty supply products for those who want to get their favorite beauty products in more affordable prices. They sell nail supplies, hair supplies, salon equipments and many other beauty supplies you can ever imagine. Usually, the beauty products they sell are from various cosmetic brands, both unpopular manufacturers and popular manufacturers as well. Here are several names of beauty products wholesalers you can easily find out there.


DollarDays Wholesaler

African American Beauty Supply Wholesale 300x125 Beauty Supply Wholesalers

African American Beauty Supply Wholesale

The first example of beauty supply wholesalers you can find around is DollarDays wholesale. This wholesaler is actually not only selling beauty supplies and products only but also various home products as well. since years ago, DollarDays has been very committing in providing various discounted beauty supplies from trusted brands for their beloved customers. You can also buy their offered products online so you do not have to even step out from your house. They offer wholesale health and beauty appliances, wholesale massage supplies, wholesale oral hygiene, wholesale skin care and lotion, wholesale travel kits and supplies, and also wholesale deodorants and antiperspirants.


P & J Wholesaler

Wholesale Beauty Supply Catalogs 300x225 Beauty Supply Wholesalers

Wholesale Beauty Supply Catalogs

The next beauty supply wholesaler you can also visit is P & J beauty supply wholesaler. If you want a complete place that sells infinite varieties of beauty supplies and beauty products, this P & J beauty supply wholesaler is definitely the best option you need to take a look at. This wholesaler is very popular in the society for their wide varieties of beauty products offers.

Wholesale Beauty Supply Distributors 300x157 Beauty Supply Wholesalers

Wholesale Beauty Supply Distributors

You can get various daily beauty needs such as hand and body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and also bath products. Various types of cosmetics and makeup products from different brands are also available. If you are looking for a place that does not only offer various products but also various brands as well, this place is really the answer of your dream.


Beauty Express Wholesaler

Wholesale Beauty Supply Products 300x225 Beauty Supply Wholesalers

Wholesale Beauty Supply Products

Aside from the previously discussed beauty supply wholesalers above, you can also take a look at another beauty supplies wholesaler called Beauty Express. This beauty product wholesaler is originally based on United Kingdom, so those who are currently residing in this country will definitely be very lucky since it has a very wide range of beauty supply offers. You can get various items such as aromatherapy, skin care, waxing, nails, eyes and ears care, salon essentials, and even salon furniture, machines and also equipments as well.

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Makeup School NYC

Are you looking for the makeup school in New York City? This is the right time; you no need ever worry, because there are a lot of makeup schools in New York City. If you lived in New York it is your chance to get more experience in makeup school you can choose.

In New York, there are a lot of makeup schools you can visit. From all of these schools are offering the professional to teach you and learn anything to develop your essential skill while you explore your talents and creativity.

Here are the information about makeup school in New York include the location. Read more this article to get more information about school detail. Check below this

1. Make up for ever boutique

NYC Make Up Schools 300x224 Makeup School NYC

NYC Make Up Schools

Make up for ever boutique school program are beauty supply and off course cosmetic. In this college you can learn anything you need to explore you knowledge and develop your skill about cosmetics. Make up for ever boutique school not only provide to cosmetically school but also offer the beauty supply. If you need beauty product to complete your salon you can find in this college. They are offering a wide range best product that you want. Make up for ever boutique are located in 8 E 12th St, new York, NY 10003 with phone number: (212) 941- 9337.

2. 4.M.A.C

Mud Makeup School New York 300x167 Makeup School NYC

Mud Makeup School New York

M.A.C is another make up college as your references to adding you knowledge about cosmetically. 4. M.A.C program are makeup artist, cosmetics and beauty supply. If you want to be a makeup artist, it is the right time, you can explore your skills to learn about cosmetically and apply cosmetics to look great. 4. M.A.C is the most popular beauty supply one on the globe. If you need beauty product, find in this store is great choice. You will find the best high quality product with variety brands. 4. M.A.C is located in 767 5th Ave, new York, NY 10153 with phone number: (212) 572- 4200.

3. Sephora

Makeup Classes New York 300x200 Makeup School NYC

Makeup Classes New York

Sephora has many subsidiaries in New York. So, visit the Sephora College near you. Sephora program are beauty supply and cosmetics. Sephora School will teach you how to apply makeup and define the skin tone before you apply a makeup. They are also providing to beauty supply. So, no doubt to purchase what the beauty product you needed for your salon. Sephora are located in 45 E 17th St, new York, NY 10003 with phone number: (212) 995- 8833.

4. Shara makeup studio

Makeup Artist Classes New York 300x247 Makeup School NYC

Makeup Artist Classes New York

Shara makeup studios have one program. That is makeup artist school. You will learn by professional. They will learn by basic such as how to hold the brushes and how to apply and stoke face? Shara makeup studio will teach you many things about cosmetics that you haven’t know before. They will share you about eye makeup techniques and a few more tricks to make it look good. Shara makeup studios are located in 2 E 61 St, New York, NY 10003, with phone number: (212) 600- 0723.





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4 Simple Celebrity Hairstylist Tricks

Ever wonder how every actress to ever walk the red carpet always seem to have perfect hair? I always just assumed these perfect looking celebrities had amazing, super expensive, hair stylists working hours on their hair. The truth is, yes many of them do have super expensive stylists working on their hair (were talking you Jennifer Aniston and you Megan Fox), but because of some savvy tricks these expert celebrity hair stylists have picked up over time, they rarely need to spend hours on any celebs hair (okay maybe Kate Hudson’s an exception).  We hope you enjoy these 4 amazing hair tricks. Oh yeah and we should probably make a shout out to the source we found the hairdo tips on and you can check out more info images for hair just like this in their Hair Tricks Section.

The Secret to Keeping your Up-do up!

keep your updo up 4 Simple Celebrity Hairstylist Tricks

Ever notice that one girl at your work, who seems to maintain a flawless up-do all day at work? Ill tell you something honey she knows this little secret and isn’t keen on sharing it with anyone.  Credit: PrincessPeach on LifeTricks


How Katy Perry Keeps Her Hair So Shiny

hair rinse 4 Simple Celebrity Hairstylist Tricks

Katty Perry may not be known as a holy-wood bad girl for her drinking habits but rumor has it Alcohol is part of her daily beauty routine. Try out this beer rinse for your hair just once and let us know if your hair comes out looking as amazing as katty’s! Credit: LifeTricks - Hair Rinse with Beer


Apply Mousse Like a Professional Hairstylist

apply mousse perfectly 4 Simple Celebrity Hairstylist Tricks

Many girls stay away from mouse, thinking it just doesnt do much for their hair. The real problem is they are usually just clumping it into their hair and expecting for it to work miracles. Try it out the right way and you’ll soon be adding mousse to your arsenal of beauty weapons. Credit: (once again lifetricks – such an awesome  source for these neat little tips and secrets) Applying Moouse


Simple Secret to Never Having Frizzy Hair

get rid of frizzy hair 4 Simple Celebrity Hairstylist Tricks

Nothing looks worse than frizzy hair when your on a night out, have your makeup done perfectly and your dressed to impress. Its amazing how few girls actually know this trick, so simple and works every time. Credit: Lifetricks – Get rid of Frizzy Hair



Celebrities spend thousands and thousands of dollars every year and for some every week. We hope you picked up a few useful tricks, to look just as good (well genetics may factor in a bit) for next to nothing! Thanks for reading icon smile 4 Simple Celebrity Hairstylist Tricks

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Beauty School Austin tx

Are you looking for the cosmetology school in Austin? Beauty school Austin tx is great option. People who lived in Austin Texas it is your chance to register to the beauty college to get more knowledge about you need and want.

In Beauty College you can learn anything about beauty and off course cosmetology. You will teaching by professional was provide you with the opportunities to develop essential skill while you explore your creativity, passion and off course talents.

There is a lot of beauty school in Austin Texas, but in this occasion. Here is more information about beauty school in Austin Texas including the located.

1. Baldwin beauty schools

Vogue Beauty School Austin TX 300x225 Beauty School Austin tx

Vogue Beauty School Austin TX

Baldwin beauty school program are cosmetology schools and beauty and spas. So, what are you waiting for? Visit and you can learn anything by professional. Baldwin beauty schools are located in 3005 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78704 with phone number: (511) 441- 6898. Baldwin also has other branch are located in 8840 burnet Rd, Austin Texas 78757 with phone number: (512) 458-4127.

2. Avenue five institute

Bella Beauty School Austin TX 300x225 Beauty School Austin tx

Bella Beauty School Austin TX

Avenue beauty school program are day spas, cosmetology schools, and hair salons. Take a lot of experience in this college. In avenue five institutes you are surrounded by a beautiful professional atmosphere and definite high end product. Avenue five institutes are located in 8620 burnet Rd, Austin, Texas 78757 with phone number: (512) 968- 2835.

3. Aveda institutes

Baldwin Beauty School Austin TX 300x225 Beauty School Austin tx

Baldwin Beauty School Austin TX

Aveda institutes programs are cosmetology schools, skin care, and hair salon. Learn and get a lot of knowledge you need when you have planning to build a beauty salon. In this college you are surrounded spa areas was very relaxing and very quite. It can make you enjoy and fun to learn in Aveda institutes. Aveda institutes are located in 3300 N I-35, Austin Texas with phone number: (512) 320-8080.

4. Roffler school of hair design

Aveda Beauty School Austin TX 300x225 Beauty School Austin tx

Aveda Beauty School Austin TX

Roffler is another of beauty school in Austin Texas. You will teach how to cutting hair and anything about beauty and cosmetology. Roffler School of hair design program is cosmetology and barbers. The located in 5339 burnet road, Austin Texas 78756 with phone number: (512) 458-2620.

5. Nurvani institutes beauty school

Nurvani institute beauty school only has one program. That is cosmetology school. Focus in one program it is not mean they are only taught a few things. They will teach you many things about cosmetology that useful for you. Nurvani institutes beauty schools are located in 14005 N US Hwy 183, Austin Texas with phone number: (512) 782-4939.

6. Vogue college of cosmetology

The last beauty school in Austin Texas is Vogue College of cosmetology. Same as nurvani institute beauty school, Vogue College of cosmetology also has one program. That is cosmetology schools. You will teach to apply the lotions and do well for facial. And also you will learn practical about massage. Vogue colleges of cosmetology are located in 623 W Ben white boulevards, Austin Texas 78704 with phone number: (512) 444- 9875.




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Make Up Cases Cheap

Are you looking for the makeup cases with cheap price? In this article you will find the makeup cases as you want. So, read more this article to get more information when you want to buy a makeup cases to organize your makeup collection and also applicator for makeup. Make up cases comes in variety design and shape. Here are variety makeup cases design include price.

Pink aluminum cosmetics case large

Keep your makeup applicator and makeup collection neat with pink aluminum cosmetics case. Include soft lined internal compartments and internal drawer this large sized beauty box that can accommodate all your makeup collections. They are likewise including lockable catch, handle for easy portability and made from strong chrome. You can get this makeup cases sold for £22.99.

Wholesale Cosmetic Cases 300x205 Make Up Cases Cheap

Wholesale Cosmetic Cases

Pretty pink cosmetic case

Keep your cosmetic neat with pretty cosmetic case. This case has a stylish, black quilted finish to carry all of your cosmetics in style. You can get this makeup case with price is £34.99. it is so affordable with your budget, right.

Britain and Ireland’s next top model make up organizer case

Rolling Make Up Cases Wholesale 300x252 Make Up Cases Cheap

Rolling Make Up Cases Wholesale

Another choice for makeup cases with low price is Britain and Ireland’s next top model make up organizer case. Keep your makeup neat and tidy with these cases. It is sleek design will soon become a favorite. This make up case can be carried everywhere you go. Sold for £29.99

Black aluminum cosmetic case large

With large design will organize all you’re cosmetic and neat. With internal drawer will protect your precious makeup. They are also features with lockable catch, strong chrome hinges, and movable tray that can easy portable.

Soho rebel rebel beauty case large

Makeup Cases Wholesale 300x230 Make Up Cases Cheap

Makeup Cases Wholesale

Looking for unique design, soho rebel beauty case is providing you want. This is gorgeous cosmetics case with a space for organize all your cosmetics. Show off your make up with animal print such as soho rebel beauty case. They are also including a mirror and different compartment will organize and mess free. You can get this makeup case with sold for £19.99.

Aluminum cosmetic case pink and silver

You will not get mess conditions for all your cosmetics because aluminum cosmetic case pink and silver will organize your makeup neatly. They are features with automatically tray can be carried around wherever you go. You can get this make up case with sold for £19.99.

Hello kitty large vanity case

Make Up Brushes for Sale 300x230 Make Up Cases Cheap

Make Up Brushes for Sale

If you are loves with hello kitty, choose this make up case is good options. This is stylish and practical makeup case has a beautiful pink design for a funky feminine touch. They will organize all your cosmetics neatly. With different feature compartment are great to organize your cosmetic and mess free. You can carry this makeup case wherever you go. You can get this case with price is £19.99.


That is several makeup cases with low price you can purchased on You can visit their website to get more another makeup cases with low price.



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What Is Strip Hair Dye

After dying your hair with the new color, you may feel excited with what have been done by your stylist but you can also get disappointed when you know that the result is not like what you have imagined and expected, so the best way for this kind of case is strip hair dye because when you are not satisfied with the hair color then your mood will automatically be down, right? Do not be worried by the mistakes happening to your hair dye, because it all can be striped out of your hair by doing some home remedies that can be done by yourself here. The strong chemicals will not need to be used by you here because your hair will only be damaged out by them.

How to Strip Hair Dye In your Hair Colour

First thing first that should be done by you to strip hair dye is your hair will need to be doused with the hottest water that you can stand. So, you will be eased in dousing your hair when the shower is used by you or even a sink can also be a good idea to be used and your hair will be allowed to be saturated by the hot water thoroughly. It is because your hair follicles will be helped to be opened by the hot water and the color will even be drained out.

Your hair can also be washed with the strong liquid dish soap so the strip hair dyeprocess can also be eased and you are allowed to try this way because it is also one of the safe ways. Then the strong liquid dish soap can be used every day until the hair color fades, but you should be more patient for the process because your hair dye will not be able to be striped only once of usage. If your hair dye products are the high-quality one then it will not be faded easily.

Strip Hair Dye1 300x199 What Is Strip Hair Dye

How to Strip Hair Dye

Your unwanted hair color can also be overcome and striped by the hot oil, so all you need is that a half cup of extra-virgin olive oil can be heated in a pot until it becomes warm. Then, it can be put on a par of protective rubber gloves and the warm olive oil can be massaged into your hair and this can be waited up to you are sure that you have covered all the hairs with this. Around your head can be wrapped by using a towel and the olive oil can be left on your hair for at least 8-10 minutes before the olive oil can be washed out with a moisturizing shampoo.

Strip Hair Dye2 300x200 What Is Strip Hair Dye

Tips on Strip Hair Dye

The last strip hair dyetip here is that a strong anti-dandruff shampoo can also be used by you so the hair follicles can be opened up and the hair dye can be eliminated. Then, the hot water can be used so that the shampoo in your hair can be washed and it can then be rinsed. You can do this step repeatedly if you realize that your hair dye cannot be removed at once.

Strip Hair Dye3 300x221 What Is Strip Hair Dye

Strip Hair Dye Process

However, if your hair color is still there and you are still not satisfied with these tips, so a consultation should be made with a professional colorist at a hair salon so you can get the best solution in the strip hair dye. Well, before you go to the professional, you can try these tips first. Have a nice try and good luck!

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