Natural Hair Dye for Gray Hair

If you are looking for the natural hair dye to hide your gray hair, we will help you to find the best natural dye for you. We will share you about natural hair dye which is good without appear the side effect.

Gray hair can occur for men and women and occur for several reasons. Gray hair color is result of insufficient pigments present in the hair follicles while absence of the melanin pigment causes white hair. Or also can occur by vitiligo and deficiency of vitamin B12.

To hide your gray hair, many people are choosing the option of hair coloring in order to get rid of gray hair color. Nowadays, the hair dyes are contain harmful chemical substance which is can cause damage for skin, eyesight and many more.

Natural Rinse for Gray Hair 300x252 Natural Hair Dye for Gray Hair

Natural Rinse for Gray Hair

But, you no need to worry about that. To solve your problem, you can herbal hair dye which is good for your gray hair without appears side effect. Natural hair dye not only effective but also safe for your body than other chemical hair dye.

So, listed below the best natural hair dye you can do it yourself at home. It will save your money and inexpensive to acquire.

  1. 1.      

    Black paper with yogurt

Black paper function is to darken your gray hair. For yogurt function is helps in removing the dandruff and making the hair silky. So choose these herbal ingredients to get better for hair.

Natural Hair Dye Coffee 300x155 Natural Hair Dye for Gray Hair

Natural Hair Dye Coffee

Instruction: Take 100 grams of yogurt and add 1 grams of black paper into the cup. Mix it together and apply it on your scalp evenly. Leave it on these ingredients will mixture on your hair and give the reaction to your hair. After one hour, rinse your hair with herbal shampoo to get best result.

  1. 2.      

    Marigold flowers

Marigold is very good for healthy hair and also good for hair coloring properties.

Instruction: take marigold flowers you need and crush them and mix it in the water. Soil it and leave it on the color of water change into rich brown color. Leave it on cool. After cool mixture and strain the water. And then apply the liquid to your gray hair. Let is for a few hours better. Rinse your hair with warm water.

Natural Dye for Hair 300x179 Natural Hair Dye for Gray Hair

Natural Dye for Hair

  1. 3.      

    Goose berry and coconut oil

Goose berry and coconut oil will offer your shine hair and manageable.

Instruction: take goose and dry goose berries in the sunlight. After dry, boil it with coconut oil. Strain the goose berries from the oil. And then place oil in cup and leave it on to cool slightly. Apply lukewarm oil generously to your gray hair evenly. Leave it on until 1 hour. Wash out your hair and use towel to remove excess water in your hair. Now, look at the result immediately.

Coloring Gray Hair Naturally 300x225 Natural Hair Dye for Gray Hair

Coloring Gray Hair Naturally

  1. 4.      

    Henna hair dye

Henna is one of most herbal hair dye choice by people to cover their gray hair. They will help your problem to hide your gray hair.



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Kim Kardashian Make Up Tips

Do you know Kim kardashian? Right, surely you know this person. Kim kardashian is a celebrity who always looks beautiful in public.

She always looks perfect in every occasion. Many people to be admire her figure because she was a perfect with her makeup. Her appearance become inspires serious obsession among her fans.

If you want to look as Kim kardashian who always look stunning and perfect with her makeup, we will share you about Kim makeup you can try at home. So, follow our tips to get more inspiration to look beautiful as Kim kardashian. Here are

Kim Kardashian Makeup Secrets 300x227 Kim Kardashian Make Up Tips

Kim Kardashian Makeup Secrets

How to do Kim kadarshian makeup?

  1. Things you will need such as cleanser, eye shadow, primer, moisturizer, foundation, eye shadow base, lip gloss, toner, lipstick, blush, smudge brush, and eye liner.
  2. Get your skin ready to go. Before you apply the makeup on your face, make sure you cleanse your face. Kim kardashian always do this process before. Apply your favorite toner and then finish up with moisturizer.
  3. Once you can allow the moisturizer to absorb your skin. Leave it on until 10 minutes. Now, you can apply primer. Apply primer entire your face onto your forehead and cheeks. Gently rub the primer on your skin.
  4. Kim Kardashian Makeup How To 300x200 Kim Kardashian Make Up Tips

    Kim Kardashian Makeup How To

  5. Apply foundation. You can choose a medium foundation to full coverage foundation. Kim kardashian usually uses make up forever’s high definition foundation brands for foundation. Use your finger or sponge when you apply foundation. Apply entire your face. And then apply conclear to areas that need a little extra coverage to hidden your spots on cheeks. Apply face powder.
  6. Kim Kardashian Makeup Colors 300x239 Kim Kardashian Make Up Tips

    Kim Kardashian Makeup Colors

  7. This is the process to create the Smokey eye. To create Smokey eye, you can start to eye shadow base to your lids. To create Smokey eye, choose two shade a medium shade for lids and darker shade for the crease of your eye. Blend together your eye shadow to give impressed Smokey effect. After finish, you can use eye liner to line your eyes. Use smudge brushes to create smudge the eyeliner. And then follow up your eyelash with mascara. If you want to look extra oomph on your eyes, you can add false eyelashes.
  8. Kim Kardashian Makeup Artist Tips 300x210 Kim Kardashian Make Up Tips

    Kim Kardashian Makeup Artist Tips

  9. Apply a bronzer to give your skin a flush effect. Apply a bronzer entire your face to give your skin a sun kissed glow. Choose the right bronzer will work for your skin tone. After you apply bronzer, you can apply blush on your cheeks. Kim kardashian usually uses apples blush on.
  10. We are almost done, now you can give the final touch to make you look as Kim kardashian. Apply lipstick on your cheek. Kim kardashian often sports a pink nude lip look. The favorite brands are MAC lipstick in angel and nars lip gloss in Turkish delight. She uses this product which can make her appearance look chic. Line your lips with a fresh colored lip liner. While you’re lightly applying your lipstick, you can follow with a lip gloss.
  11. finish


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How to Use Men’s Hair Coloring Products

As a way to complete in the business world, an increasing number of men are turning to coloring their hair to appear more attractive to other and to follow current fashion trends. Over the last five years, the sale of men’s hair coloring products increasing 50 percent, so it is time to consider whether you would benefit from a little more color in your life.

The first thing you should have to do, in order to use men’s hair coloring products, is selecting the right type of them for your specific shade of hair. It is advisable to choose a hair-dye kit, which generally contain progressive hair dyes, specially formulated for men’s hair. Try to return to the exact shade of hair you had when you were younger is the best strategy, which will often result in the most consistent and natural-looking results. However, your chances on getting it right the first time are quite a bit lower, if you are looking for a more radical change in your hair color.

Highlights can make the coloring process much more natural with varying the shades in a subtle manner, so lighten your hair by using men’s hair coloring products that add highlights should be considered well. The features of your face could be soften by gently lightening the overall color of your hair with highlights, and also possibly appear much younger. Also, highlight is an effective way to blend in gray.

What men should use to color their hair and to cover gray 300x300 How to Use Men’s Hair Coloring Products


A shade that is much darker than your natural color must be avoided to use. The gray hair will be much more noticeable as your roots grow, not only will it be painfully obvious that you are coloring your hair in an attempt to look younger.
Top Five Gray Hair Coverage Hair Color Products 300x199 How to Use Men’s Hair Coloring Products

Top Five Gray Hair Coverage Hair Color Products

A progressive type of hair dye should be considered to use, which it will slowly phase the gray out gradually that will make it more difficult for others to realize you have used men’s hair coloring products. Generally, these types of colors products are clear liquids, which are easily applied in just one step and much less messy than traditional hair dye.
Mens Hair Color Products 300x264 How to Use Men’s Hair Coloring Products

Men’s Hair Color Products

Of your men’s hair coloring experience is a complete disaster, just do not freak out; take note about this one. Balance out your mistake could be happened by trying to use another color, seek out the services of a hairdresser who specializes in men’s hair coloring or simply shave the whole mess off and start over. In another hand, simply let it grow out and age gracefully, which is including another alternative.


Coloring Gray Hair for Men 300x300 How to Use Men’s Hair Coloring Products

Coloring Gray Hair for Men

Even down to the specific shades, many men’s hair coloring products are exactly the same as products designed for females. The picture of the man on the front of the box is the only difference between most men’s hair coloring products and most female’s hair coloring products.

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Homemade Natural Brunette Hair Dye

Going green does not have to stop with your hair color. Women, have used homemade hair dye recipes for centuries. Few brunettes know what’s available to deepen brown hair tones while most people are familiar with henna products for blonds. Rather than salon visits and boxed chemical dyes, these natural hair dyes are healthier, less expensive and best home hair color for brunettes.

Homemade Hair Color Ingredients

A few organic ingredients, which include strong black coffee, rosemary, dark tea, walnut hulls and sage, give your hair a dark luster. However, it is much better you take a small lock of your hair to experiment with the recipe before using any homemade hair color, to find best home hair color for brunettes. The lock must be rinsed or soaked with the colorant until you come up the desired shade.

What are Some Homemade Hair Dyes 300x228 Homemade Natural Brunette Hair Dye

What are Some Homemade Hair Dyes

Probably, the easiest of the homemade color concoctions are coffee and tea. As you normally do, begin by brewing for both, but make the liquids extra strong. Depending on your initial experiment, the cooled coffee or tea needs to be poured through your hair 15 or more times. Just repeatedly pour the coffee or tea on your hair, do not rinse with any water! On the last rinse, the liquid should be left to soak for 15 minutes. Keep the coffee or tea from staining clothing by simply use a shower cap.
Natural Hair Dye and Color Enhancers Flawless Complexion 300x200 Homemade Natural Brunette Hair Dye

Natural Hair Dye and Color Enhancers – Flawless Complexion

Another homemade option to find best home hair color for brunettes is herbal hair dyes. One cup of dried sage and one cup of dried rosemary should be poured into four cups of how water. The mixture need to be allowed to simmer for 10 minutes before you soak it for one hour. Remove the herbs and massage the liquid into your hair by simply using a strainer. Rinse with water once the recipe on your hair has been left until the desired shade, or simply for 45 minutes. These steps could be repeated twice a week for one month. Use this same recipe once every week after the right color has been reached.
Natural Hair Dye Homemade Hair Dye Hair Dye Allergies 300x199 Homemade Natural Brunette Hair Dye

Natural Hair Dye – Homemade Hair Dye – Hair Dye Allergies

The messiest, but the darkest of the ingredients, are walnut hulls. Rubber gloves need to be used to use this recipe of best home hair color for brunettes. To begin, take a mortar to crush the hulls. The crushed hulls should be poured into boiling water and allow to soak for three days. The hulls need to be placed into a non-metal pot with three cups of water. Again, boiling water need to be poured over the hulls and simmer for five hours; as necessary, you have to add water. The hulls should be strained and the liquid need to be boiled until it is reduced by 75 percent. Then, once 1 teaspoon is added of allspice, let the dye sit for one week in the fridge, occasionally you need to shake it. Until you have the desired color, you might need to rinse the walnut dye through your hair repeatedly.
Dark Brunette homemade Hair dye 300x225 Homemade Natural Brunette Hair Dye

Dark Brunette homemade Hair dye

However, before using a homemade hair color, there are always a few important pointers, which are needed to keep in mind.

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Beauty Salon Towels

If you are planning on opening your own beauty salon business, it means that you need to list down the things, equipments and tools you will need to run the beauty salon. Indeed, building a beauty salon business is really not a simple thing to accomplish. You will not a lot of things, from the tiniest to the biggest ones. You will need chairs, mirrors, tables, and also any other basic things for the salon. In addition, you have to also prepare various hair styling equipments and tools such as hair rollers, straighteners, hair dryers, beauty salon towels and also many other tiny things for hair styling jobs.


Since there are a lot of things you need to prepare for the new salon, it will be impossible for us to discuss all of them one by one in this article. Hence, to save more time and also make it more efficient, today we are going to particularly talk about towel types that are usually used in beauty salons. We all know that this thing is very crucial since every job in beauty salon will require salon towel. Hence, this article today will definitely give you information about towels you will need for your beauty salon.


Bleach Resistant Towel

Black Salon Towels in Bulk 300x180 Beauty Salon Towels

Black Salon Towels in Bulk

The first type of beauty salon towels you need to get is bleach resistant towel. This type of towel is actually a beauty salon towel that will be very important for hair straightening jobs, curling jobs, hair coloring jobs, hair bleaching jobs and also any other jobs that will involve hair products that contain chemical substances. Bleach resistant towel is usually thicker compared to any other types of beauty salon towels you can find out there.

Bleach Resistant Salon Towels 300x300 Beauty Salon Towels

Bleach Resistant Salon Towels

This type of beauty salon towel is meant to secure the customers’ body and also their clothes for hair product spills. Therefore, it has to have the required thickness so the spill of the hair products will not touch their clothes under the towel. There are a lot of various color choices you can choose in the markets. You can choose the colors that will match the color scheme of your salon so it will make a beautiful harmony.


Hand Towel

Cheap Black Salon Towels 300x238 Beauty Salon Towels

Cheap Black Salon Towels

Another towel type that is also used in beauty salon is hand towel. This type of towel is usually used by the hair stylist, hair dresser or massager of the beauty salons in doing their jobs. Usually, they will use this type of towel for manicure jobs, pedicure jobs, facial jobs, and also spa jobs. You will need to wear hand towel for wiping your customer’s face in facial jobs, wiping their hands and feet, and also their body while you are massaging them.


Spa Towel

Hair Towels for Beauty Salon 300x255 Beauty Salon Towels

Hair Towels for Beauty Salon

Spa towel is also another type of beauty salon towels you need to include to your shopping list later on. This is very important especially if your beauty salon will also have various programs of spa and relaxations to offer. This type of towel is usually in bigger size or in the form of bathrobe. The markets usually offer this type of towel in various colors and patterns as well.

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Walgreen Hair Dye

Walgreen company profile

Walgreen was founded more than a century ago. Walgreen is the most trusted, advisor of innovative pharmacy, health and wellness solutions, convenient multichannel provider and costumer goods and services in communities across America. They are offer the healthy product which is good for health and come together to help people get well, stay well and live well.

There are so many healthy products by Walgreens Company such as beauty product, diet and fitness product, medicine and treatment product, and many more.

Walgreen also offer the satisfaction is 100% for customer. Your satisfaction is 100% guarantee on all Walgreen brands products. If you are not completely satisfied, return the unused portion and they will refund the full price for you. The price for Walgreen hair dye is so affordable for you.

Walgreens Hair Color 300x300 Walgreen Hair Dye

Walgreens Hair Color

If you looking for the hair dye to your hair coloring, choose Walgreen product is excellent choice. You have to trust with these products because they are made from high quality and various brands best you can choose. They are so many best brands such as L’Oreal, Clairol, garnier and many other.

Here are variety Walgreen hair dyes brand with variety brands

What is variety Walgreen hair dye?

Henna for Hair Walmart 300x257 Walgreen Hair Dye

Henna for Hair Walmart

1. L’Oreal excellence triple protection permanent hair with price is $7.79

2. Clairol natural instincts non permanent hair with price is $8.29

3. Just for men mustache and beard brush in hair gel light brown with price is $6.69

4. Clairol nice ‘n easy with color blend permanent hair color with price is $6.49

5. Garnier herba shine soft black 200 with price is $5.59

6. L’Oreal superior preference permanent hair color dark with price is $7.99

7. Clairol natural instincts vibrant permanent with price is 8.29

8. Clairol nice ‘n easy gray solution with price is $9.49

9. L’Oreal couleur expert express two in one multi tonal with price is $12.99

10. Revlon color silk beautiful color with price is $3.89

CVS Temporary Hair Dye 300x300 Walgreen Hair Dye

CVS Temporary Hair Dye

11. Dark and natural permanent hair color natural black with price is $7.99

12. Splat rebellious colors complete hair color kit aqua rush with price is $6.99

13. Garnier herba shine light natural brown 600 hair color with price is $5.99

14. Just for men mustache and beard brush in hair color gel medium dark with price is $6.69

15. Dark and lovely fade resistant rich conditioning hair color with price is $6.99

16. Clairol balsam color liquid permanent hair color with price is $3.19

17. L’Oreal superior preferences les blondissimes permanent with price is $7.99

18. Splat glow temporary hair color glows in the dark violet rays with price is $6.99

19. Dark and lovely color confidence permanent hair color darkest brown with price is $7.99

20. Malibu hair color wellness set with price is $30.00

Coupons for Garnier Hair Color 300x228 Walgreen Hair Dye

Coupons for Garnier Hair Color

That is several best brand products by Walgreen Company. There are so many products for hair dye more than 1500 product you can choose. If you want to know more products and more description, so check Walgreen website to get more information.


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Beauty Supply in Chicago

Beauty supply is a place where you can find the various products for salon. If you need the product to completely your salon product, beauty supply is right choice to come and visit these places.

To find the best product that as you want, you can find in Chicago. In these places, you can get variety product offer high quality product. In Chicago you can easy beauty supply which offers the product that you want. There are a lot of popular beauty supply are located in Chicago.

So, listed below is the most popular of beauty supply offer the best product you want. Read more this article to get more references and information about it, because we will share you including the review of them. Here are

Sams Beauty Supply in Chicago Beauty Supply in Chicago

Sam’s Beauty Supply in Chicago

  1. 1.      

    Sephora beauty supply

Sephora beauty supply carries a wide variety beauty product you need. Sophia beauty supply was established since 1970 in France and is a worldwide leader in the cosmetic market and perfume market. They are offer completely beauty product to your salon product. Sephora is representative in roughly 24 across of the country such as United States and Canada. The product of sephora includes bath and body, fragrance, hair and natural product and makeup and skin. The located of Sephora beauty supply in 45 east 17th street, new York, united state of America.

Cosmo Beauty Supply in Chicago Beauty Supply in Chicago

Cosmo Beauty Supply in Chicago

  1. 2.      

    Jinny beauty supply co.

From the fact, jinny beauty supply Co. is the largest multi cultural beauty and professional salon or barber distributor in the world. They are established since 1981. If you need the product to completely your salon jinny beauty supply is excellent choice. They are over 60,000 different items in our warehouse inventory and representative over 400 manufactures across of the country. In this place, you can get product with high quality. So, visit jinny beauty supply as you want. The located of Jinny beauty supply co. in 3505 north Kimball avenue Chicago, IL 60618, united state of America.

Chatham Beauty Supply in Chicago Beauty Supply in Chicago

Chatham Beauty Supply in Chicago

  1. 3.      

    Giant beauty supply

The next destination you should visit finding the best product with high quality. They are including a wide array of beauty supplies that go from hair supplies to makeup supplies such as headbands, belts, hair rods, t shirt and much more. For price you no need to worry, because they are offering affordable price for everything you need. You will save money and do not spend a lot of money. The located of Giant beauty supply in 2701 W armitage ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Beauty Supply Stores in Chicago Beauty Supply in Chicago

Beauty Supply Stores in Chicago

  1. 4.      

    Chatham beauty supply

Chatham beauty supply is the last of most popular Beauty supply in Chicago. Chatham beauty supply is a beauty supply store and salon offer services that often include nail services, waxing, manicure and pedicures and haircuts. They are offering a wide variety of brands and a lot of hair or skin product you need. The located of Chatham beauty supply in 112 W 87th st Chicago, IL 60620. So, what are you waiting for? Visit these beauty supply store and enjoy getting the things you need and deserve to help your maintain your beauty.


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Cvs Hair Dye

Cvs profile company

Cvs is one of the largest pharmacy companies which are produced healthy product and wellness solutions, customer goods and provider about innovative pharmacy. They are a company provide variety product with high quality brands.

Cvs Caremark is the one of innovations and leadership began with the opening of first retail in 1963 and has continued ever since.

If you are looking for the hair dye you can find out in cvs Pharmacy Company. There are also providing variety products for hair coloring. There are so many product and many best brands in Cvs Company such as personal care, beauty, baby and child, medicine cabinet, household and skin care.

Hot Topic Purple Hair Dye Cvs Hair Dye

Hot Topic Purple Hair Dye

If you are looking for the hair dye there are variety product by garnier nutrisse, L’Oreal, Clairol nice ‘n easy, just for men, L’Oreal excellence, Clairol natural instincts and many more.

What is variety cvs hair dye?

Here is more information about cvs hair dye with the hair dye review. So, check below this

CVS Temporary Hair Color Cvs Hair Dye

CVS Temporary Hair Color

    1. John Frieda precision foam colour dark chocolate brown 4BG

      with price is  $10.39

    2. Blonde betty color for hair down there semi permanent

      with price is $11.99

    3. L’Oreal healthy look crème gloss color hair dye golden truffle medium golden brown 5G

      with price is $7.59

    4. Auburn betty color for hair down there semi permanent

      with price is $11.99

    5. John Frieda precision foam colour X/light beige blonde 10B

      with price is $10.39

    6. Malibu betty color for hair down there semi permanent color blue

      with price is $11.99

    7. Dark and lovely permanent hair color 372 natural black

      with price is $5.99

    8. Revlon color silk beautiful color hair color 34 deep burgundy

      with price is $3.67

    9. Samy fat foam permanent hair color light blonde N9

      with price is $7.99

CVS John R and Auburn Cvs Hair Dye

CVS John R and Auburn

  1. L’Oreal feria 91 champagne cocktail light beige blonde

    with price is $7.99

  2. Dark and lovely permanent hair color 371 jet black

    with price is $5.99

  3. Nice ‘n easy permanent color 116 natural light neutral brown

    with price is $6.39

  4. Revlon color silk beautiful color permanent color deep rich brown 27

    with price is $3.67

  5. Clairol texture and tones permanent hair color 3rv plum

    with price is $5.75

  6. Just for men hair colors 35 medium brown

    with price is $7.19

  7. Garnier nutrisse nourishing color foam permanent color light intense 6RR

    with price is $7.99

  8. Garnier nutrisse nourishing color crème permanent hair color medium chestnut brown 554
  9. Crème of natural permanent hair color 9.3 ginger blonde

    with price is $6.63

  10. CVS men’s shampoo in hair color dark brown

    with price is $5.03

  11. Dark and lovely reviving colors semi permanent hair color radiant black 391

    with price is $5.99


CVS Hair Color Cvs Hair Dye

CVS Hair Color

That is several of cvs hair dye great product we implies above. If you want to know about more information these products, you can check cvs website. In there you can find more information about more brands include the description.

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Black Hair Beauty Supply

Black hair is always assumed as the healthier hair. It is because the natural black hair means that the hair is not contaminated by any chemical ingredients contained in the hair coloring products. However, you must know that black hair is not always healthy because sometimes your black hair is rough, dandruffs can also be found in your black hair because of your dry scalp, or the problem can also be led by the hair fall.

So, you can see that black hair will still need the good and regular treatments to maintain the hair beautiful, clean, black, bright, and healthier. Therefore, the black hair beauty supply will surely be needed by you in doing your black hair treatment. Black hair will need extra treatment than the other hair color.

Black hair beauty supplyis needed by you because by using the beauty supply for black hair any hair problems can be solved immediately because you may not know that your black hair can also be frustrated and tired led by the hot weather, cigarette smoke, or even the wrong shampoo usage. It may be a desperate decision and process when you should grow your black hair to be longer because there will be some problem that should be faced, but the important thing here is that you will not give up and make sure that the treatment you do for your black hair is right. One by one of your black hair problems can really be handled.

black hair beauty supply2 300x225 Black Hair Beauty Supply

Black Hair Beauty Supply Stores

Moreover, making sure that the black hair beauty supplythat has been chosen by you is the right one is also important. Well, if you do not know where to get the best beauty supply for your black hair, then we are going to informed you the what stores with their locations are that you can visit and buy the beauty products you need to buy for your black hair’s beauty. You know, to make your black hair healthier will not as difficult as you may think and the beauty products you need will also be available in the beauty stores.

black hair beauty supply1 300x199 Black Hair Beauty Supply

Best Black Hair Beauty Supply

The first black hair beauty supplystore recommended here is the C & J Beauty Supply which is located at 1029 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90037 and there is also the number phone that can be contacted by you if you want to know more about the shop before purchasing the products, and you can call at (323) 737-8433. Alternatively, Beauty Depot beauty supply can also be visited by you and its location is at 1908 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90016 with phone number (323) 965-8707 that can be contacted. The choice is yours and you can choose the best one of the beauty supply stores that can meet your every need.

black hair beauty supply3 300x168 Black Hair Beauty Supply

The Locations of Black Hair Beauty Supply

The other store of black hair beauty supply is Lucky Beauty Supply which is located at 3631 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016 with phone number (323) 373-0114 and the Koreans are the owners of this beauty supply stores so they will know about the right and best beauty products for your black hair most. Well, what do you think now? The black hair treatment is not as simple as you guess, right?

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BB Cream for Oily Skin

These days, people seem to be extremely fascinated by the charm of BB cream products out there. This type of cream has similar purpose with any other beauty products we can find in the markets. However, BB cream is specially formulated to help someone in getting her or his perfect and flawless complexion for their daily activities and also special occasions. Usually, there are a lot of types of BB cream you can find in the markets start from BB cream for normal skin, BB cream for oily skin and also BB cream for dry skin. Each of those BB cream types has its own special formula that is specially designated for certain skin type so it will have optimum effect.


People said that the most difficult skin type to take care amongst any other skin types is oily skin. Oily skin will make it hard for you to apply cosmetics and make-up longer since the oily feature will wipe away your make-up and cosmetics faster compared to those who have dry and normal skin. Therefore, you need to use cosmetics and make-ups that are specially made for oily skin so you can avoid the current situation. The same also goes when you want to choose the right BB cream for your face. Choosing the one that is specially designated for oily skin will not only give you long lasting complexion but it will also give your skin the right treatment and formula to reduce the oil. Here are several names of BB cream that will be perfect for oily skin, check them out!


Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm

The first suggestion of BB cream for oily skin you can try on is Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm. This product is very famous as one of the most trustworthy beauty brands in Korea. We all know that Korea is one country that has been brought the name of BB cream so high like it is right now. Actually, this beauty product was created by German dermatologist named Christine Schrammek. However, the development was continued in Korea since 1980 and it has been very famous as Korean beauty brand since then. This beauty product is said to be one of the most suitable BB cream brand for oily skin since it contains SPF25 PA++ innovation that will nourish your skin without making it oily.


Missha BB Cream SPF30 PA++

Another brand of beauty products that is also very famous for its BB cream is Missha. There are already a lot of positive reviews from their customers who said that the BB cream products offered by Missha are one of the best beauty products they have tried so far. In addition, they also said that Missha has smartly formulated a great BB cream formula for oily skin that can really work in covering their weak points without adding the oil they already have under their skin.


Etude House BB Cream SPF30/PA++

Another BB cream for oily skin that has been highly demanded in the markets is Etude House BB cream. We all know that Korea is one of the best choices when it comes to BB cream products, therefore, it is suggested that you also take a look at their Etude House BB cream. This product is said to have precious mineral formula that will make your skin look bright without giving shiny look.

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