The Most Beautiful Haitian Women

A man who lives in Haiti County is so lucky. They could see a lot of beautiful Haitian women that his ever seen before in other countries. If you travel to the Haiti country, you could see so many beautiful Haitian women. Not only show the beauty, but also see look sexiest. It is the perfect combination that Haitian women have.

A Haitian women are typically has dark brown skin tone that’s why she look sexy. A dark brown skin complexion and heavy African features almost 90 to 95 percent of Haitian are of African descent. They are also having dark eyes.

A Haitian woman commonly has afro hair type. But many of them transform her hair into a straight hair style or different hair style. Even though many of them do not have the means to care for themselves but she always wear the nicest things that they have.

Here are top 10 beautiful and sexiest Haitian women alive on different characters but stay showing the aura of beauty. Check below this

1. Fabienne colas

Fabienne colas are a beautiful Haitian actress. The stunning of fabiene colas has been feature in many Haitian films. Fabieene colas are an absolutely stunning actress that has appeared on multiple Haitian movies.

Beautiful Haitian women Fabienne Colas the Haitian beauty The Most Beautiful Haitian Women

2. Anastagia pierre

Did you know this figure? Anastagia pierre is a miss Haitian florida in 2009. It should be no surprise that she would be the miss Haitian florida because she is one of the most beautiful women all over the world.

3. Misty jean

One of another beautiful Haitian woman is misty jean. Misty jean is a gorgeous singer. She beauty is undeniable than other person.

4. Emeline michelle

Emeline michelle has begin the career as a singer. She is an absolutely stunning Haitian singer that has been launching many albums. Emeline Michele is perfect figure in addition to beauty that also so talented in the music industry.

5. Alexandra cheron

The next Haitian women has a aura of beauty is Alexandra cheron. Alexandra cheron is a Haitian actress. She is the beautiful women as well talented is the music industry.

6. Lutza

 The Most Beautiful Haitian Women

Taina Bien-Aime: Haitian Women Enter At Center Stage

Lutza is a Haitian supermodel and also filmmaker. The talented woman has undeniable stunning in the world.

7. Carolyn desert

Carolyn desert is knows as a model. Carolyn desert is the famous person in the modeling industry by storm.

8. Sarodj bertin

The stunning beauty in Haiti is sarodj bertin. Sarodj bertin won the Miss Haiti in 2010. She gets the achievement as Miss Haiti 2010 that’s way she has the perfect characteristics. That is talented, beautiful, and smart.

9. Natalie ambroise

Natalie ambroise is the gorgeous Haitian women actress. Natalie ambroise is the famous person in Haitian movie that appeared in many Haitian movies.

Most Beautiful Woman Home of the Worlds Most Beautiful Women 300x209 The Most Beautiful Haitian Women

Most Beautiful Woman Home of the World’s Most Beautiful Women

10. Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais is a Haitian film actress in Haiti who has appeared in many Haiti movies. Garcelle Beauvais is so talented and off course beauty, so she entered into the ranks of the most beautiful Haitian women.

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