Makeup Tips for Black Women

Whenever we are talking about makeup products, we will get various responses from the customer reviews. This is actually very common and not a surprising fact. Do you know why? We all have different types of skin tone that makes such difference to happen, inevitably. We all know that the manufacturers of cosmetics and makeup products out there only produced products that are based on majority, therefore, we need to apply the makeup in our own unique way so we can get the best result that suits our own personality and taste. This case also happens to African-American women that often face difficulties in finding the best makeup. No need to worry no more since today we will give you several makeup tips for black women that will definitely help you in this case.


The first tip of makeup for African-American women is to determine the skin tone first. Indeed, mostly the skin tone of African-American women is black but actually there are also several color variations as well. If you want to get the most enchanting makeup look, you need to understand what type of skin tone you have first.

Eyeshadow Tips for Black Women 300x225 Makeup Tips for Black Women

Eyeshadow Tips for Black Women

This is very important so you will not choose the wrong undertone color for your makeup later on. Pink or gold undertones will be perfect for skin tone with light brownish shades. On the other hand, blue undertone is perfect for those who have darker or deeper skin tone. Knowing the type of your skin tone is very easy. You just need to take a close look at the skin on your hand’s back area. This will be more effective to know the right skin type since the skin on our face will typically vary in different spots.


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Young woman applying mascara

The next step in makeup tips for black women you can do is to choose the makeup types for your face. After you have determined the skin tone of your face then you need to look for a brand that will perfectly suit your skin very well. Make sure to purchase makeup products that are specially formulated for African-American women so it will be easier for you to choose later on. The previous step you did will be very useful in this session.

Makeup Application for Black Women 300x199 Makeup Tips for Black Women

Makeup Application for Black Women

You need to find foundation or primer that has the same undertone with your skin’s. However, it will be better and safer for you to take a sample first then apply it onto the back of your hand to see if the makeup products blend perfectly with your skin. If they perfectly match then you can purchase them right away.


Makeup Tips for Black Hair 300x178 Makeup Tips for Black Women

Makeup Tips for Black Hair

Another step of makeup tips for black women that is also very important is to add colors. Dark type or black skin tone perfectly suits with bright and rich colors. Therefore, if you want to add colors to your face, you better choose this type of colors. Do not ever think, let alone apply, pale colors such as pastel colors since this type of color will not be a great addition to your face. Bronze, coral and berry are the examples of makeup colors you can use safely and perfectly.

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