Herbal Essences Hair Dye

When it comes to hair coloring jobs, we are absolutely surrounded by infinite hair dye products that will offer their best formula to help us change the color of our hair. However, even though there are a lot of choices of hair dye products in the market but there are still some people who are afraid to dye their hair. They said that hair dye products mostly have strong chemical ingredients that can damage their hair. Under this understanding, there are a lot of people often back off from dyeing their hair. Fortunately, there are plenty natural and herbal hair dye products these days that will be very safe for our hair. One of those names is Herbal Essences hair dye that has been very popular currently.


About Herbal Essences

Actually, Herbal Essences is a brand that was brought out by Clairol, one of the most trusted and qualified hair and beauty care supplies in the world. Since 1972, Herbal Essences has been successfully serving a lot of people their daily needs of hair care products during their service era, they has never failed in satisfying their customers.
Clairol Herbal Essences Hair Color Herbal Essences Hair Dye
They have a specialty to bring herbal and natural ingredients with no strong and harmful chemical substances that can possibly put the health and youth of our hair in risk. Hence, this brand opted for organic and herbal-based ingredients that have no side effect in use. Herbal Essences is not only well known for its hair dye products but also other hair care products such as hair stylers, hair conditioner and also herbal shampoo.


Hair Coloring Products by Herbal Essences

Herbal Essence Hair Color Chart Herbal Essences Hair Dye

Herbal Essence Hair Color Chart

Herbal Essences hair dye product is called Colour Me that is herbal based and also animal products free. According to customer reviews you can find out there, hair dye products from Herbal Essences have amazing hair color shades. Although some people also said that they can hardy get their wanted result of bright hair colors over their dark hair color as the portrayed image on the ads. However, this is actually pretty understandable since Herbal Essences is made of herbal based formula with no chemical substances.

Herbal Essence Hair Color Coupons 200x300 Herbal Essences Hair Dye

Herbal Essence Hair Color Coupons

So, if you found that Herbal Essence sometimes cannot give you the same result as the portrayed image you see then think the whole situation again that you did not harm your hair as well. In fact, there are also a lot of people who honestly showed their gratitude to Herbal Essences for their successful hair coloring project. Take note that the result of the hair coloring project will widely vary from one person to another.


Colour Me Happy

Herbal Essence Hair Color Review 300x133 Herbal Essences Hair Dye

Herbal Essence Hair Color Review

In order to help you maintain your hair after the coloring session, Herbal Essences also offers Colour Me Happy Shampoo. This shampoo is specially formulated for those who love their color treated hair so much. We all know that color treated hair is typically weaker than the natural ones, hence you need to give it special treatment as well. Aside from Herbal Essences hair dye and Colour Me Happy shampoo, you can also have Colour Me Happy conditioner, which is made of passion fruit nectar and Moroccan rose, that will keep your hair’s moisture.



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