Flair Beauty College

History of flair Beauty College

Flair beauty college is a college about beauty experience that give insight the education by dermalogica skin care, matrix color OPI nail and Mirabella makeup product knowledge and classes.

Flair Beauty College was established since January 1966 in Saugus, California. That was the originally open by the name of Valencia Beauty College. In 1977 Valencia Beauty College was change by the name of canyon Country College and the relocated in canyon country California.

This is the last name of these colleges, in September 2005 with new owner Ms. Georgette niknejad change the name to

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Santa Clarita CA Colleges

Flair Beauty College.

Flair beauty salon was accepted several awarded such as the best hair salon in Santa Clarita by daily news readers’ choice magazine and also rewarded the favorite beauty college by daily news readers’ choice magazine on 2010.

The program of flair Beauty College

Flair Beauty College is providing several programs that were useful when you want to open a salon. The programs of flair Beauty College are esthetician, manicuring, makeup, and cosmetology. Here is more detail about these programs include course schedule and curriculum.

1. Esthetician

 Flair Beauty College

Palmdale Beauty School

In esthetician class you will learn about the history of skin care, identify the common skin condition associated with different skin type, how to recommend appropriate home care regimes and how to define skin type and condition. You will get more essential knowledge because you will learn specialized techniques to balance, renew, and purify the skin with an emphasis on using ingredients and plant essences in treatment.

For the final test, you will be prepared to the state licensing examination and ready to succeed as a licensed esthetician in medical, retail industries, salon and spa.

- Esthetician course curriculum and schedule

The curriculum for esthetician are include the safety precautions in the esthetician practice, depilatories include body waxing and eyebrow arching facial, developing the knowledge to recognize the various skin disorders and conditions, the use of proper implements relative to esthetician, and many others.

- Esthetician course hours

Esthetician is divided into 3 periods. Here are

»extra full time for 16 weeks (40 hours per week)

»full time for 22 weeks (30 hours per week)

»part time evening 28 weeks (24 hours per week)

2. Manicuring

 Flair Beauty College

Flair Beauty Institute

In manicuring class you will learn a wide range of hand and foot care services. The program are including basic and high level spa pedicures and manicuring using both of artificial and natural nail enhancement techniques.

- Manicuring course curriculum

The curriculum for manicuring are include develop the knowledge to recognize the various nail disorders and skin conditions, acquire practical knowledge in pedicure and manicuring and many others.

- Manicuring course hours

Manicuring is divided into 3 hours. Here are

» extra full time for 11 weeks (40 hours per week)

» full time for 15 weeks (30 hours per week)

» part time evening for 18 weeks (24 per week)

3. Makeup

 Flair Beauty College

Cosmetology College

In makeup class you will learn to apply makeup with analyze the skin texture or type, define eyebrows and shape, and perform various skin treatment. You will also learn how to choose the right makeup and skin care products to perfectly compliment eye color, skin tone, haircut and of course skin tone.


In cosmetology class you will be learn by instructors to provide the personal, technical, and business skill you need to achieve professional success in cosmetology.

- Cosmetology course curriculum

The curriculum for cosmetology are include learning the proper use of implements relative to all cosmetology services, the knowledge of doing facial and many others.

- Cosmetology course hours

Cosmetology is divided into 3 hours. Here are

» extra full time for 44 weeks (40 hours per weeks)

» full time for 58 weeks (30 hours per weeks)

» part time evening for 75 weeks (24 hours per weeks)



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