Beauty Industry Statistics

Everybody knows that women are complicated creature that will typically concern in everything in details, especially about beauty. They will do anything possible to get the closets image of their idolized figure in beauty magazine or television programs. Under this high demand of the pursuits of beauty, the society starts to get aware of the importance of beauty industry as well. Women these days are willing to spend a lot of money to get the ideal figure they desired. With the help of those beauticians, hair stylists and also fashion dresser, their will get proper help to achieve their dream of becoming beautiful and gorgeous. Hence, it s no wonder that the beauty industry statistics these days seem to increase very rapidly.


Seeing this circumstance seems to be very fascinating since there are a lot of people who are eager to run a business in beauty industry. Actually, what is the reasons and factors that influence the increase of beauty industry statist? Today we are going to learn some facts about beauty industry and also the analysis of this kind of business. Hopefully, with the brief discussion we will have this time we can understand the advantages and disadvantages of beauty industry for further consideration in case you are planning on opening a business in beauty industry.


Hair Industry Statistics 2010 300x179 Beauty Industry Statistics

Hair Industry Statistics 2010

The phenomenon of beauty salon in every block we pass is definitely a clear prove that being beautiful has become a necessary for some women and the main reason of beauty industry statistics to increase.

Cosmetics Industry Statistics 300x179 Beauty Industry Statistics

Cosmetics Industry Statistics

Mostly, the beauty industry these days is dominated by independently owned salons we can easily meet everywhere. According to the estimation of IBISWorld, there are more than seven hundred thousand of beauty industries in United States alone, mainly composed by beauty spas, barbershops, and also beauty salons. They generally offer various beauty jobs such as hair cutting, hair sytling, manicure, pedicure, massage, makeup application, facials, tanning and even waxing.


Health and Beauty Industry Statistics 300x125 Beauty Industry Statistics

Health and Beauty Industry Statistics

Alongside the high demand of beauty jobs out there, the employment outlook is also influenced as well. The job opportunity as cosmetologist, manicurist, pedicurist, skin care specialist, hairstylists and also hairdressers seems to be higher as well. The Department of Labor Statistics also predicted that six years later this opportunity will increase up to twenty percent if the demand of beauty jobs continues increasing.


Spa Industry Statistics 2011 300x178 Beauty Industry Statistics

Spa Industry Statistics 2011

Another factor of the increase of beauty industry statistics as we can see these days is the changing habit of society’s consumerism itself. We can see that traditionally women started using cosmetics and makeup products when they were over twenty year old. How about today? Nowadays, female society seems to wear cosmetics and makeup in such a young age. Even a fifteen year old girl starts to do makeup and go to beauty spa for spoiling herself. In addition, the aging baby boomers phenomenon these days also plays an important role in affecting the number of beauty industries out there. This is actually the main reason that has the biggest influence to the boom of beauty industry trend.

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