Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Beauty cannot only be enhanced by makeup but the certain facial features can also be helped to be corrected, like eye shadow that you can use so that the disproportionate features of the eyes and brow line can be corrected; therefore, many women will not be confident to go out without putting any makeup because their disproportionate features will be seen by other people. Actually, it is not a big problem if you have some certain facial features which are not really proportionate, but for you who prioritize in perfection of makeup and appearance, makeup can be your important thing. Today, we are going to inform you about simple makeup tips for small eyes especially for you who are Asian women.

How-To Makeup Ideas For Small Eyes Women

First one of the makeup tips for small eyes here is that the light eye shadows can be used by you so that the smaller eyes can be made look larger and brighter and it can be started with a pastel color which is applied over your whole eyelid. After that, a lighter color from the crease of the eyelid can be blended up to the brow line. The appearance of your small eyes will definitely be lifted and softened at the same time by using the light eye shadows.

Some people say that the light eyeliner should be used and it will be better if a medium to light colored eyeliner can be used so that the outer half of both the bottom and top lid can be lined well and after that the inner half of the lids unlined should be left so an open-eyed illusion can be created. In this makeup tips for small eyes, the black eyeliner should be avoided because the attention will be brought to the eyelids rather that the eyes themselves. However, many Korean stars are using black eyeliner for making their eyes look bigger and it can be used to line the bottom lid thicker and the top lid softer.

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Thick Mascara Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

For the next makeup tips for small eyes, the thick mascara can be the one of the best solutions as well and the black, curling mascara can be used by you. Your eyes will be made more appealing larger than normal by the bold eyelashes and one layer of thick, black mascara can be applied to both the upper lower lashes. They can be allowed to be dried for around thirty seconds before a second later of the mascara is applied so the lashes can be thickened and enlarged.

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Light Eye Shadow Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

After the dried mascara has been made sure, a lash curler can be used so the lashes can be lightly curled and your eyebrows should also be kept well groomed. They can then be tweezed by you so they can be maintained well and any stray hairs above or below the eyebrow plucked can also be kept so the attentions will be focused on the brow line. A brow pencil can be used by you so that they can be slightly darkened if you feel that it is made too thin.

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Simple Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Well, the makeup tips for small eyes above are not really difficult to be followed right? You only need the mascara, light eye shadow, light or black eyeliner, and also groomed brows. Have a nice try for making your small eyes look larger.

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