How to Make Korker Hair Bows

Younger girls must love to have and wear any hair accessories that can make them look fresh, stylish and cute, and one of the hair accessories for younger girls that can be made yourself is the korker hair bows because they will be easier to be made as long as you have patience and creativity and you can also prepare all things needed to make the korker hair bows for your young girls. You can make the bows at home and you can match to different outfits or for different occasions and you can prepare the curlicue shaped ribbons in order to start making the korker hair bows. However, how to make korker hair bows?

  1. First thing first that can be done in how to make korker hair bows is that the oven can be preheated to 275 degrees, and then one end of the ribbon can be secured to the top of the dowel by using a clothespin. Then, the ribbon can be wrapped around rod until the end of the ribbon or rod is reached by you and the ribbon can be cut if you need and the end can be secured by using another clothespin. After that, the aluminum foil can be used so that the cookie sheet can be wrapped and the dowels can be placed on and the dowels can be arranged on the cookie sheet before the full cookie sheet can be placed in the oven and it can be lft in for 25 minutes.
  2. The next thing that should be made in how to make korker hair bowsis the ribbon should be cut into two and a half inch sections and what size bow wanted here and how full you want it to be will determine that 20 to 35 pieces of cut ribbon will be needed by you. Next, a 12-inch piece of elastic or string can be cut and then it can be laid out straight on a flat, even surface. Then, the pile of ribbons can then be placed across the string and that the string is already in the center of the ribbons can be made sure.

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  3. For the next step of how to make korker hair bows, the string can be pulled up tight and it can also be tied into a knot around the ribbons and that the string has been doubled knotted should also be made sure. A bit of hot glue can also be used so the ribbons can be held tightly together for a more secure knot. The bow can then be turned over and that all ribbons you have lined up evenly should be made sure by checking it.

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  4. Any adjustments can then be made because it is necessary. That your ribbons have already been lined up before the hot glue is applied should also be made sure if in case the knot is going to be held when the hot glue is used. Next, the bow can then be attached to a barrette, headband, alligator clip or ponytail holder and by doing this, it means the you have finished your work.

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In how to make korker hair bows, that all ovens are different should be remembered by you so your time should be adjusted well. If the metal of the barrette wants to be concealed, a piece of matching ribbon can be glued the top before the ribbon is attached. Are these too difficult to do?

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