Women’s Short Hair Styles

Long hair is indeed able to make a woman looks more feminine and elegant but it does not mean that a woman should have long hair. There are a lot of women out there who fell uncomfortable with long hair. Of course, there are various reasons laid behind this circumstance. Some of them said that long hair needs more complicated maintenance that means they need to spend more time and more money to take care of it. on the other side, some said that long hair will indirectly limit their practical movements while they are working so they would rather have it short so they can move freely without the long hair being a burden. Do you know that short hair can also appear elegant and stunning? Do not utter any comments on this before you read these following women s short hair styles that will make you look great and trendy without long hair.


Shorty Shaggy

Black Womens Short Hair Styles 253x300 Womens Short Hair Styles

Short Hairstyles for women

The first idea of short hair style for women you can take a look is short shaggy hair style. This hair style is basically focusing on the layered cut with a little bit messy look. The hairstylist will typically make multiple disheveled layers using a razor and also cut the edges unevenly messed up. For this type of hair style, it will be the best if you have straight hair since this type of hair will perfectly show the layers of the shaggy hair style. On the other hand, curly hair is unmanageable and easily gets frizzy so you better not apply this type of hair style.


Classic Short Bob

Oldeer Womens Short Hair Styles 250x300 Womens Short Hair Styles

Oldeer Women’s Short Hair Styles

Another addition to the list of women s short hair styles is classic short bob hair style. Although this hair style is categorized as classic hair styles but you can see that there are still a lot of women who requested this type of short hair style in salons. You can see the former hair style of Victoria Beckham is the example of classic bob. The edges of your hair can be made to stay lose to the neck so it will perfectly show the bob cut you want to show off. However, this type of short haircut is perfect for straight hair type.


Short Curly Bob

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Women’s Short Hair Style Pictures

Although the previous hair style is originally mean for straight hair type but you can also use this hair style even though you have curly hair. If the previous model of bob hair style will make the edges of your hair to stick closer to your neck then this curly bob hair style will be different. The edges of your hair can be upturned so you can have messy yet sexy curly bob hair style. There are also a lot of women who have very short hair cut with bob style so they can get sporty look.


Pixie Style

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Women’s Short Hair Styles. Easy

Pixie hairstyle is definitely one of women s short hair styles that cannot be left behind in this discussion. If you have no idea of what this hair style looks like, you can take a look at the popular short hair of Halle Berry. This type of short hair for women is actually similar to messy hair style for men, but you can create longer spiky bangs to add the feminine feature to the hair style.

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