What Is Strip Hair Dye

After dying your hair with the new color, you may feel excited with what have been done by your stylist but you can also get disappointed when you know that the result is not like what you have imagined and expected, so the best way for this kind of case is strip hair dye because when you are not satisfied with the hair color then your mood will automatically be down, right? Do not be worried by the mistakes happening to your hair dye, because it all can be striped out of your hair by doing some home remedies that can be done by yourself here. The strong chemicals will not need to be used by you here because your hair will only be damaged out by them.

How to Strip Hair Dye In your Hair Colour

First thing first that should be done by you to strip hair dye is your hair will need to be doused with the hottest water that you can stand. So, you will be eased in dousing your hair when the shower is used by you or even a sink can also be a good idea to be used and your hair will be allowed to be saturated by the hot water thoroughly. It is because your hair follicles will be helped to be opened by the hot water and the color will even be drained out.

Your hair can also be washed with the strong liquid dish soap so the strip hair dyeprocess can also be eased and you are allowed to try this way because it is also one of the safe ways. Then the strong liquid dish soap can be used every day until the hair color fades, but you should be more patient for the process because your hair dye will not be able to be striped only once of usage. If your hair dye products are the high-quality one then it will not be faded easily.

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How to Strip Hair Dye

Your unwanted hair color can also be overcome and striped by the hot oil, so all you need is that a half cup of extra-virgin olive oil can be heated in a pot until it becomes warm. Then, it can be put on a par of protective rubber gloves and the warm olive oil can be massaged into your hair and this can be waited up to you are sure that you have covered all the hairs with this. Around your head can be wrapped by using a towel and the olive oil can be left on your hair for at least 8-10 minutes before the olive oil can be washed out with a moisturizing shampoo.

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Tips on Strip Hair Dye

The last strip hair dyetip here is that a strong anti-dandruff shampoo can also be used by you so the hair follicles can be opened up and the hair dye can be eliminated. Then, the hot water can be used so that the shampoo in your hair can be washed and it can then be rinsed. You can do this step repeatedly if you realize that your hair dye cannot be removed at once.

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Strip Hair Dye Process

However, if your hair color is still there and you are still not satisfied with these tips, so a consultation should be made with a professional colorist at a hair salon so you can get the best solution in the strip hair dye. Well, before you go to the professional, you can try these tips first. Have a nice try and good luck!

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