Ways to Style Short Hair

Styling short hair is definitely not as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of people said that styling short hair is more difficult than styling long hair. long hair has plenty styles that can suit it, on the contrary, the limited length of hair often makes it hard to find more styles to do your hair. However, this article has found out several ways to style short hair that will definitely be an advantage for you. Hopefully, with this discussion we are going to have today you can find your favorite hairstyle that can suit your short hair the best.


Actually, getting your short hair styled is not impossible as you probably imagine. Leaving your short hair just the way it is definitely not a good decision. In fact you can find a lot of hairstyles that will make your short and straight hair looks more adorable and prettier. Below are several ideas of hairstyle for short hair that are simple but perfect to make your short hair looks better. You can read them one by one and consider which one that can really match your personality and desire. This way you will be able to get your short hair well styled. Check it out!


Curly Style

How to Fix Short Hair 300x200 Ways to Style Short Hair

How to Fix Short Hair

The first recommendation of the best ways to style short hair you can take for consideration is curly hairstyle. This is definitely one of the best hairstyles you can do especially for special occasions. Romantic and classic moods are the most interesting features of this type of hairstyle. In order to get beautiful curly hair, you can use the help of curling iron or hot roller.

How to Style Short Hair 300x199 Ways to Style Short Hair

How to Style Short Hair

After you have curled your hair, you can apply hairspray then comb it using your fingers. You can choose between small curls or medium curls, according to your desire and requirement. If you have thick hair then it is suggested that you choose medium curl since small curl will only make your hair looks thicker than it originally is.


Wavy Style

Ways to Cut Short Hair Ways to Style Short Hair

Ways to Cut Short Hair

Another idea of the best hairstyle for short hair you can also consider is wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect if you want more voluminous hair but you do not want it to get very thick with the curly style previously. This hairstyle is not only meant for long hair so you can also use this type of style for your short hair. In order to get this style, you can firstly grab your hair mousse then apply it to your hair while twirling it using fingers. Afterwards, blow your hair using hair dryer until it gets completely dry. You can finish the look using hairspray so it will last longer.


Spiky Style

Ways to Do Short Hair 300x199 Ways to Style Short Hair

Ways to Do Short Hair

If you have extremely short hair that will make it impossible for you to apply the previous ways to style short hair then you should try spiky hairstyle. In order to get this hairstyle, you just need the help of hair wax or gel, hairdryer and hairspray. You can apply the gel on your hair then pull it upward, apply hairspray then dry it using hairdryer to make it perfect and ready.


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