Virtual Hair Cutting Games

Being a hairstylist or hairdresser is actually pretty fun and interesting. We can help people look more beautiful and attractive with our creations. However, being a real hairstylist is definitely not an easy task. Therefore, as an alternative to dispense your interest in hairstyling and hairdressing you can try various virtual hair cutting games available out there. This type of games will give you mission to style and cut the virtual customers’ hair according to their requests. Do not worry, these following games we are going to discuss later are free so you can try them anytime you like.


Perfect Hairdresser Game

Virtual Barber Games 300x269 Virtual Hair Cutting Games

Virtual Barber Games

The first virtual hairstyling game you can try is a game presented by Kibagames, Perfect Hairdresser game. This is a game where the players are able to cut their customer’s hair according to their own creations. You can also choose the available hairstyle you want by giving several specifications on how you want the hairstyle to be. Just like  a real hairstylist will do, you will be given various tools and equipments to cut and style your customers’ hair such as scissor, straightening or curling iron, hair dryer and also many more hair customizing tools.


My New Hair Game

Virtual Hair Cut 300x300 Virtual Hair Cutting Games

Virtual Hair Cut

Another idea of virtual hair cutting games you can find out there is My New Hair game. This is actually a simple flash game that enables you to be a virtual hairstylist. If you want to have a complete journey of being a hairstylist then you need to try this game. My New Hair game will give you various cartoon characters so you can feel the visual effect of the setting. You can start your mission by washing your customer’s hair first then you can style the hair by dragging various tools and equipments on the background. This game is free so you do not have to worry, you can play as many as you want.


Hair Cut Game

Virtual Hair Cutter 300x168 Virtual Hair Cutting Games

Virtual Hair CutterVirtual Hair Cutter

Aside from My New Hair, another flash game of virtual hair cutting you can play freely is Hair Cut. This game is brought to you by Miniclip Games that has already been very famous for their simple yet interesting games. In this game, you can cut your customer’s hair virtually as they way you want them to look like. The most interesting part of this game is that the hair of your customer will grow back if you left it for so long. Therefore, you need to really take a good care of your customers very well.


Devilish Hairdresser Game

Virtual Hair Cutting Games Online 300x183 Virtual Hair Cutting Games

Virtual Hair Cutting Games Online

On contrary with the previous virtual hair cutting games that require you to attend the customers nicely and make them look great with new hairstyle, this Devilish Hairdresser game has the opposite mission. In this game you will be a devil hairdresser that s represented by a cartoon character with bat wings and gothic make-up. Your task is to ruin the customer’s hair style while the angel hairdresser turns her back. You have to complete the mission within the given time so you can get into higher level.

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