Vintage Fashion on 50’s Hair Styles

It can be regarded as the most exciting thing when you change your ordinary or common hair styles to the new and extraordinary one. It is because you will find out yourself is different from the previous you. It will also definitely make you more confident, especially for you who said that you are fashionable and stylish. Today, what we are going to discuss is about back to 50’s hair styles where the women’s hair will be winded around rollers so that the look they want can be created well.

However, some of their hair will be perm by using the harsh chemicals so the curls can be created and last for months, but actually this kind of thing will not need to be done by you. There will be some tips that can be followed by you if you do not know how to make it good. Take a long and practice them yourself.

Things To Do for 50’s Hair Styles

The first thing that should be done in creating the 50’s hair stylesis that the beehive should be created and it can be started by washing your hair and your hair can be waited to dry before it can be set in rollers and secured by using bobby pins. After your hair can be secured with bobby pins, the rollers and the pins can be removed after twenty minutes and the sections of your hair can be pulled up and teased and it should be finished after the entire head of hair is done. Then, the outer layer of hair can e smoothed and combed from the sides to the back and from the nape of the neck up and it can be swirled around the head.

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Beautiful 50’s Hair Styles

It can be ended with a curl of hair created in the top center of the head before it can be secured in place with bobby pins and after that, it can be sprayed with hairspray so it can last for long time. Next thing, a ponytail can be tried by you and all your hair will be needed to be pulled together back and to the center of your head and a covered elastic band can be used so that your ponytail can be secured in place. If you really want to have 50’s hair styles, so a scarf should be tied around the elastic band and it can be allowed to be hung alongside the ponytail.

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Best 50’s Hair Styles

The scarf which is hung alongside your ponytail is really a trend of 50’s hair styles, and after creating ponytail, a French twist can also be made by you and this can be done when all your hair is gathered together at the back of your head as if it is going to be put into a ponytail. After that, the hair can be twisted so a vertical roll can be formed. Your hair can be held up by using the roll against the back of your head and the bobby pins can be used here for the ends secured neatly under the roll of hair and your hair can be sprayed with hairspray.

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Classical 50’s Hair Styles

The last thing of 50’s hair stylesis that should be known by you is the bouffant should also be created and your hair can be set with the large rollers. Your hair can then be teased after the rollers are taken out and the top layer can also be smoothed so that you can hide the tease part and your hair will look bouffant perfectly. Do not forget that hairspray should also be used in this step.

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