Vegan Hair Dye

Have you ever thought that you are born with the wrong hair color? Well, there are actually a lot of people who have been having this kind of thoughts and want to change their hair color. You can just simply go to a salon and change your hair color or you can purchase a hair dye product then dye your hair on your own at home. However, this will not be as easy as it looks for vegans. They will not approve hair dye products that were tested on animals, moreover, those which contain animal ingredients. Therefore, if you are a part of this category then you need to search for vegan hair dye that will be safe to use.


What is Vegan and Veganism?

Actually, a practice to only consume and use products that are totally free of animal ingredients is called veganism. It means that the person who does this practice is called a vegan. These days, there are proven to be a lot of cosmetics which use animal products inside their ingredients. This circumstance definitely makes the vegans all over the world afraid to dye their hair using the regular hair dye they usually find in the markets out there.

Cruelty Free Hair Color Products 300x199 Vegan Hair Dye

Cruelty Free Hair Color Products

Fortunately, nowadays people are getting more and more aware of the cruelty that have happened so long and want to develop the cruelty free and animal free products. Popular brands out there also even have their own vegan customer based products as a contribution to the cruelty free movement in the society nowadays.


Manic Panic Vegan Hair Coloring Product

Hair Dyes with No Phenylenediamine 300x300 Vegan Hair Dye

Hair Dyes with No Phenylenediamine

The first example of brands that offer vegan hair dye product is Manic Panic. The name of this hair dye supplier is definitely not a name that should be left behind whenever we are talking about hair coloring matters. Manic Panic has always been very famous in hair dye supplying industry, especially for its vibrant and dominant color collections.

Pregnancy Safe Hair Dye 300x225 Vegan Hair Dye

Pregnancy Safe Hair Dye

There are infinite color choices you can choose from their collections, start from vibrant red, pink, yellow, green to bright blonde hair dye. Among the animal free cosmetics issue these days, Manic Panic also stated that their products are completely animal free and vegan friendly. Be it permanent or semi permanent hair dye, you can surely use them all without being afraid that you are contributing on animal cruelty action.


ACT Vegan Hair Coloring Product

Special Effects Hair Dye Store 300x300 Vegan Hair Dye

Special Effects Hair Dye Store

ACT is known as the popular abbreviation of Advanced Cosmetics Technology, a company that has been very loyal in the contribution of beauty supplies industry. The formula of ACT hair dye is completely made of plants and animal free. The company said that they do not use additives or harsh chemical substances in formulating their hair dye products. In fact, they use natural and organic plants to get natural pigmentation to form their hair dye products. According to their statement, they said they also formulated permanent vegan hair dye product that will be safe to use even for pregnant women. In addition, there are also some customer reviews that proved the liability of the previous statement by ACT.

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