Pampered Chef Mandoline

If you love cooking, you must have been familiar with a mandoline and you may even have this cooking utensil because when you have prepared juliennes then this should be sliced and cut by using the mandoline cooking utensil with suitable attachments because the crinkle-cuts will be made by this. Moreover, two parallel working surfaces are consisted of by this cooking utensil and one of which you can adjust it in height. You may slid the food along the adjustable surface until a blade mounted on the fixed surface is reached and it can then be sliced and let to fall and this can only be done by using the pampered chef mandoline.

The Pampered Chef mandoline is known as a cooking utensil that can be used well and many people have often mounted the other blades perpendicular to the main blade so that you can cut the slice into strips based on your need in cooking. You will also find that the mandoline juliennes has  come in various widths and thicknesses so the slices waffle cuts crinkle cuts, and also dice with firm vegetable and fruits can be made perfectly when this mandoline is used by you. You know, by having this cooking utensil, your cooking activity will definitely be lightened especially for cutting or slicing the food.

However, you should know that the Pampered Chef mandoline come in different thicknesses and also widths and the slices in the uniform of thickness can be found only by using a mandoline because the size and the thickness will be the same that will be important to make when you want your foods are deep-fried or baked like potato chips and it will also be important when the foods are going to presented. If your cooking skill is not too high, the slices you make will be thinner or thicker, so the mandoline cooking utensil will be needed by you. You will also see the different between using mandoline and a knife or other blade.

Pampered Chef Mandoline1 300x195 Pampered Chef Mandoline

Pampered Chef Mandoline Advantages

Perhaps, some of you have not had this utensil yet or you have just had this utensil and you are still confused by how to use this correctly, right? Well, a piece of food with some protection for fingers can be run along an adjustable inclined plane into one or more blades and this is the way the Pampered Chef mandoline used by you. The julienne will be produced by on some models vertical blades cut or you can also use the wavy blade so the crinkle cuts can be produced and in these models, a quarter can be turned to the food between the dice production passed and the cut waffle.

Pampered Chef Mandoline2 300x225 Pampered Chef Mandoline

Pampered Chef Mandoline operation

For your safety while the mandoline utensil is being used, your fingers should be protected well so your fingers will be safe and the item can also be sliced perfectly. However, some people in the reviews also said that mandoline will be used hardly, will be cleaned difficultly and it will not as effective as when the knife or blade is used by you. Therefore, a protective glove should be prepared and even worn by you while cooking by using this utensil.

Pampered Chef Mandoline3 300x199 Pampered Chef Mandoline

Functional Pampered Chef Mandoline

So, after you see the advantage and disadvantages of the Pampered Chef mandolin, are you interested in this cooking utensil? If you still want to use this utensil you should remember to protect your fingers always. Have good slices with this mandoline!

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