Loreal Hair Dye Colors

When it comes to hair dye products, Loreal is definitely one big brand you must consider. This beauty supplies manufacturer is absolutely one brand that has successfully been dominating the industry of beauty supplies all over the world. With decades of experiences and dedications toward this industry, there is no doubt that Loreal has a lot of admirers and loyal customers until today. Their collections of Loreal hair dye are something that you do not need to doubt even just a second. They have a lot of Loreal hair dye colors available in the markets for you to choose. They even have a wide range of hair color shades for each hair color you can ever imagine.


It has already been stated before that Loreal really has amazing collections hair dye color shades you can get out there. For each primary hair color, they have already prepared various shades that can match each customer’s taste and desire.

LOreal Hair Color Semi Permanent 300x159 Loreal Hair Dye Colors

L’Oreal Hair Color Semi-Permanent

In addition, you will not also be able to choose one hair dye color for your hair but you will also be able to choose several colors that can complement each other very well. Here, we have prepared several examples of Loreal hair dye color collection you can surely take for further consideration in the future. Check it out!


Black Cafe Noir

LOreal Hair Dye Color Chart 300x172 Loreal Hair Dye Colors

L’Oreal Hair Dye Color Chart

Black Cafe Noir is the first example of Loreal hair dye colors you can take for consideration. For those who are bored with their brown, red or blonde hair color, this black hair color offered by Loreal can be the greatest choice. Black hair color sometimes can be really enchanting, especially for those who have medium to dark skin tone. So, if you have been bored with your old hair color, do not hesitate to try this Black Cafe Noir offered by Loreal.


Blonde Hair Dye Collections

LOreal Professional Hair Color 300x148 Loreal Hair Dye Colors

L’Oreal Professional Hair Color

If you think that balck hair color is not appealing at all for you, then Loreal blonde hair dye collection can possibly give you what you are looking for. There are various shades of blonde hair dye color you can get from Loreal. The first blonde offer is their Blonde White Chocolate hair dye. This type of blonde hair dye is considered as light blonde with a bit of chocolate gloss. On the other hand, you can also take a look at their Dark Blonde Latte hair dye that has darker shade compared to the previous blonde hair dye. There are also many other blonde hair dye shades such as Loreal Dark Latte or known as Dark Golden Blonde, Vanilla Crème Medium Blonde you can also consider.


Brown Hair Dye Collections

LOreal Semi Permanent Hair Dye 300x286 Loreal Hair Dye Colors

L’Oreal Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Brown color seems to dominate the list of Loreal hair dye colors collection as you can see. You can find infinite names of brown hair dye color shades. One of those popular brown hair dye shades is Gold Chocolate or Dark Golden Brown hair dye that has deep shade of brown color. There is also Iced Praline or Light Beige Brown that has lighter shade of brown. If you want a bit touch of red color, you can opt for Cherry Truffle or medium reddish brown.

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