How to Make Your Own Shampoo

Many people want to try to make homemade shampoo because they want to experiment with something natural due to the facts that there are so many shampoos containing the very strong chemicals that will be able to damage hair and these products can even cause many problems for hair and scalp, like causing the dandruff and make hair rough. Well, how to make your own shampoo? Actually, the natural ingredients will be better, like vegetables and fruits, but of course you need to rinse the pulp from these ingredients thoroughly so everything is got rid of from your tresses and scalp can be ensured. If you find out any left residue after your hair has been showered, a close-toothed comb can be used so the residue can be removed before or after your hair is dried.

  1. How to make your own shampoo? We will make the daily lemon and cucumber shampoo, so the cucumber should be peeled first and as much of the fruit as you peel should be left and after that the lemon can be juiced well. a strainer should not be used for this part of the process because your hair can be helped to be rinsed by the blended pulp you have made.
  2. The ingredients can be combined in a blender until you make sure that you have blended the entire cucumber. Then, any chunks can be strained out before it can be poured into an empty shampoo bottle and the entire contents can be used within a few days or you will make it worse. The bottle should be kept closed to protect it from any insects like fruit flies.

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    How to Make Your Own Shampoo with Vegetables and Fruits

  3. The shampoo can be used in your hair and after that your hair can be rinsed thoroughly as a part of a test, but the conditioner should not be used because the role of the cucumber here is also as a conditioning agent that will make your hair softer. Then, the mixture can be adjusted to your hair type. More lemon juice can be added if your hair is made too oily, but more cucumber should be added when your hair is too dry as soon as you have realized it.

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    How to Make Your Own Shampoo Tips

  4. How to make your own shampooespecially for deep-cleansing shampoo this time? First, the juice from one-half of a lemon and one-half of an orange can be squeezed but a strainer is not allowed to be used. Next, the contents of a green tea bag can be emptied into a blender and two tbsp. of olive oil and the juice blend can be added and they are ready to mix. After the well blended tea is mixed into the rest of the mixture, they should not be strained.

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    How to Make Your Own Shampoo Instructions

  5. The mixture should be used immediately and any extra shampoo can be disposed of. The deep-cleansing shampoo can be used no more than once a week and no less than once a month so that your hair can be revitalized and it can be kept clean sparkling. This shampoo is not also allowed to be used when your hair is felt dry because the natural oil from your scalp and hair can be stripped.

After you have succeeded in making your own shampoo, you can show it to your friends and when they ask “how to make your own shampoo?” you can give the tips above. Have a nice try and good luck! Happy shampooing with your natural new shampoo!

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