How to Make Your Hair Straight

Today, hair smoothing and re-bonding are already too common because you can even do this at your home with the electric straightener and there are also some shampoos which are designed for straightening your hair naturally, so you actually do not have to worry about your curly hair anymore because your curly hair can be handled by your own self. Some of you must want to straighten your hair because you are blessed with curly hair, but this kind of thing will not be impossible to be done anymore. If you now ask about how to make your hair straight, you should not miss this article because you will be given with some useful tips, hints and also steps.

  1. Firstly, your hair can be parted from your ear to ear and also from the center of your forehead to your nape with the comb so four sections can be created well. Then, three of the four sections can be secured with clips and the parts can be started to be made and your scalp can be applied base to your scalp and it can be continued until you have completed all sections. Your skin here will be protected by the base from the chemical contained in the hair relaxer; after that, a towel can be placed around your neck and shoulders so your clothes can be protected perfectly.
  2. In this how to make your hair straightstep, the gloves should be put on and then the application brush can be used so that the hair relaxer can be applied from the root of the hair to the end before the hair in the back can be started to be handled and your way can be worked to the front and while the relaxer is being applied, you can move quickly so that the over-processing and damaging your hair can be avoided. Moreover, your fingers can be used (still with the gloves put on) so that the relaxer can be smoothed through the hair. For the processing time on the hair relaxer based on the texture of your hair, the directions can be followed directly.

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    How to Make Your Hair Straight Tips

  3. Then, the relaxer can be rinsed thoroughly from the hair and the neutralizing shampoo can be used so that the effects of the relaxer can be stopped. After that your hair can be rinsed and the step can be repeated twice. Any relaxer should not be left on your hair or scalp so you should make sure it before your towel is used so your hair can be blotted gently to dry.

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    How to Make Your Hair Straight Steps

  4. The next how to make your hair straightstep here is that the deep conditioner can be applied to your hair and your hair can be covered with a plastic cap. This is meant so that the conditioner can be allowed to be penetrated at least fifteen minutes before it can be rinsed thoroughly. Moreover, the proper moisture will also be needed to be maintained by the chemically relaxed hair.

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    How to Make Your Hair Straight Instructions

  5. After the steps mentioned above have been done, your hair can be dried and styled as usual. A heat protectant can also be used of your hair is usually dried and styled with heat. It is because any damage can be caused by the heat to your hair.

If you know that the relaxer is still on your hair, your hair is not allowed to be combed. Well, the question of how to make your hair straight has been answered. Good luck for making your hair straight!

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