How to Make a Display Case

Collecting your favorite things such as yoyo, cast cars, dolls or stuffed animals, is definitely an interesting activity. It definitely needs a very long time collecting them all after a lot of hunting times and also a lot of money to buy each new addition to your collections. Under those circumstances, no wonder why you will cherish your collections very much. However, maintaining your precious collection is definitely not an easy task as well. You cannot just keep them in their original packaging boxes for years and put them on top of your cabinets or attic. You will need a proper display case so you can store the collection properly and safely. If you want an economical way you can learn some tips on how to make a display case on your own so you can save money.


The Advantage of Display Case

Display case is very useful and effective for storing your collectibles. You do not have to unpack them then repack them back just because you want to show them to your friends or colleagues. When it comes to this situation, display case is really the best decision to solve your problem. By using the display case you can keep your collectibles well organized and also easy to exhibit. You can place the display case in your living room or bedroom. Therefore, if you want to get a great exhibition cabinet then this clear display case is definitely the best option.


Making a Display Case

How to Build Display Cases 300x225 How to Make a Display Case

How to Build Display Cases

How to make a display case at home? There are various ways to make a decent display case for your collectibles, depending on the styles, models and also size. Here are several steps you can take to make your own display case, the simple and easy one so you will not get too complicated steps. Check it out!


Step 1

Make an Acrylic Display Case 300x244 How to Make a Display Case

Make an Acrylic Display Case

Before actually starting the job, you need to prepare several supplies and ingredients first, such as silicone caulking, circular saw, acrylic glass and finished wood blocks and plaques. The amounts and size of the ingredients will highly depend on how big you want the display case to be. Take a good measurement of the wood plaque’s length and width as well. Do not forget to add extra two inches space on the width and length for the ledge finishing touch later on.


Step 2

Make Plexiglass Display Case 300x225 How to Make a Display Case

Make Plexiglass Display Case

After you have already had the plan and measurement, the next step you need to do is to shop for the ingredients. This type of simple display case will have four sides that consist of wood base and acrylic glass dividers. You can get all of those ingredients and supplies in hardware stores in your neighborhood area.


Step 3

Make Your Own Display Cases 300x213 How to Make a Display Case

Make Your Own Display Cases

The last session on how to make a display case is to cut the acrylic, woods and also combine them together. Cut the acrylic glasses and also wood plaques in your desired length using circular saw. Afterwards, you can glue the cut wood plaques and acrylic glass one by one to form a box. Make sure to let it dry completely before you can decorate it and use it.

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