How to Make a CD Case

Whether the CD contains any your favorite movies, albums, or songs, it will be troublesome when your CD case where you keep your CD is broken or scratched because you will not know where you can keep your CD due to there will be no more the safe place to keep it compared with the safest CD case, right? However, do not be worried by this thing if you are now experiencing the same case as mentioned before because the scrap paper or a thin piece of cardboard can be used so that a new simple CD case can be made and those valuable tracks can be protected well. You must ask about how to make a CD case, it will not take much time.

  1. How to make a CD case? You will not be able to start the CD case making process if you have no preparation, so the things like scissors, 12-by-12 inch piece of thin cardboard and scrap paper should be prepared first by you. The paper 1 inch can be folded on each side with the edges of the paper facing the center of the page, and the bottom portion of the paper can then be folded upward at 3 inches.
  2. Then, the top edge can be folded downward 4 inches and after that, the folded-in sides of the bottom piece out can be spread and the wings will be resembled by the spread sides with a 45 degree angle facing upward. The wings can then be folded around to the front part of the sheath and the top corners of the top fold down can be folded slightly and a dog ear can be made. Your CD can then be placed inside the sheath before the folded corners of the top cover can be tucked into the small gap between the paper and the main portion of the sheath will be secured onto by the folded corners.

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    How to Make a CD Case Process

  3. The steps on how to make a CD case given before are not really difficult, right? Now, we are going to know more about the cardboard CD case making process. Here, your CD should be placed in the center of the cardboard and a square can be drawn around the CD.
  4. The CD can then be removed from the center because the edge of the ruler should be leveled with the edge of the square and a line should be traced from one edge of the cardboard to the other, and this can be done on each side of the square. Next, the squares at the corners can be cut out so that the one square one each side of the square can be remained attached to the center square and the shape of a cross can be created by the cardboard.

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    How to Make a CD Case Steps

  5. The next step in how to make a CD caseis that the side squares along the lines joining them can be folded to the center square before the three sides can be taped into place because the sides will be overlapped each other. Then, your CD can be slipped into the sheath. The top fold can also be tucked into the space left between the folded sides, and it has finished.

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    How to Make a CD Case Tips

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