How to Make a Body Scrub

A spa treatment is really a popular one that can be considered as a good gift given on birthday or holiday season even though it becomes more common, but you know, the spa treatment is more expensive than body scrubs but the advantage of the spa treatment is that it is more practical gift that can be used by every homeowner. However, body scrubs are considered as the cheaper one because you can even make it yourself without having to go the shops for buying them and here you will know more some tips on how to make a body scrub. By making it yourself, it means that the cost and ingredients will be able to be controlled by you.

  1. A small bottle should be prepared first in how to make a body scrub first tip, and then 6-8 drops of each of your essential oils, glycerine, and foaming wash can be mixed well. If you do not know how to mix them, then the ingredients can only be capped and shaken and set aside and after that, you will know some advantages you can get from the vanilla, citronella, and lavender which are included I essential oils. Then, two or three oils that have been blended well can be used so a pleasing aroma can be created.
  2. The steps on how to make a body scrubwill not as difficult as you may think. Well, the second step here is that five tsp. of your exfoliant and five tsp. of fuller’s earth can be mixed in the mixing bowl. An amount totaling five tsp. of exfoliant can be used if in case two exfoliants are chosen by you, like oatmeal and brown sugar.

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    How to Make a Body Scrub Tips

  3. Five tsp. of almond oil and also five tsp. of jojoba will be needed to be added here. You can also use any oils here, but the inflammation will happen and this can be reduced from walking and running which are led by the boosted immune system. As additional information, you are allowed to use any oils but if you want something with shelf-like qualities and strong moisturizing the jojoba is the right choice and if you want vitamin E can also be added, almond oil should be chosen as well.

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    How to Make a Body Scrub at Home

  4. The last how to make a body scrubtip here is that the bottled essential oil or foaming wash mixture or glycerine can be added and then a metal spoon can be used so that the mixture can be stirred. A runny paste consistency should be reached by the blend and after that the blend you can apply to the body. The scrub mixture can be poured back into the bottle or other container if this wants to be used as a gift before the container can be closed tightly.

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    How to Make a Body Scrub Steps

In addition, do not forget that your body should be dried off first before moisturized and if you have diabetic or high blood pressure, then foot massages or foot scrubs should be avoided. However, if your condition is fine according to your doctor and the foot massages are allowed to be done by him, then it is alright. The last but not least, in how to make a body scrub warning, the diabetic persons will not be allowed to use the home foot spas.

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