How to Layer Your Own Hair

There are so many ways in changing your style to look more stylish. Well, the fuller look and feel can also be made by layering your hair, so there are also some benefits that can be obtained by you with your layer hair. Your face will also be framed and your hair can be textured when your hair is cut into layers, so how to layer your own hair?

  1. The first thing that should be needed to be done by you in how to layer your own hair is that the length of layers that are going to be cut should be decided upon because how you want your layers can be looked should be known by you first and you will also stick to the style. However, your mind should not be allowed to be changed especially when you are in mid-cut. Next thing, your hair can be washed and conditioned and your hair can be left wet and after that, a hand towel can be tucked into your collar so the cut hairs can be kept from scratching your neck.
  2. A spray bottle can then be filled with water so your hair can be kept wet if your hair starts to be dry when your hair is being cut into layers. After that, yourself can be positioned in front of the mirror and the another mirror can be placed on the opposite side of your main wall mirror so all the angles of your hair that you intend to cut can be seen entirely. Moreover, a one-inch thick horizontal part at your hairline can also be made right above the inner end of your eyebrow on one side and the straight can be drawn across to the other eyebrow.

     How to Layer Your Own Hair

    How to Layer Your Own Hair Tips

  3. Next thing in how to layer your own hair, the section in step 3 can be combed straight down in front of your eyes before the side sections can also be tucked behind your ears and out of the way. Now, your hair can be grasped between your index and middle fingers and this section can be cut straight across in front of your eyes to the desired length and the length of the top layers will depend on the cutting guide used by you. Your comb can then be taken and another one-inch section can be made right behind the section that has been cut.

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    How to Layer Your Own Hair Steps

  4. Well, all this hair can be combed straight up and a very thin slice of the previously cut hair can be borrowed to be used as a traveling guide before the new section of your hair of following the ends of the guide can be trimmed. Then the pattern of parting and cutting one-inch sections that a thin parting of hair can be repeated from the previously cut section and it can be done until it is finished. Now, your hair can be parted in the center and a slanted vertical part can be made in front of your ear that a one-inch section of hair can be parted.

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    How to Layer Your Own Hair Neatly

  5. The one-inch slanted vertical sections can be continued to be made on the side of your head and it can be combed forward so the guide and cut can be matched and this step can be repeated so your cut can be completed. So, are the steps on how to layer your own hair too difficult? Have a nice try to make your own layer hair.

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