How to Dye Blonde Hair Brown

Blonde hair color is look good, but why do not you change your hair color and give a little accentuate. If you boring with your common hair color, you can add brown hair color to completely transform your hair and skin tone.

If you want to look drastic, blonde with brown hair color is good idea which can make you look stunning. You can try this, and look the best result to your hair. Brown tones are a great choice for nearly any women. This is the most favorite color choice. So you cannot go wrong with this.

If you want to hair dye, you can ask to help of hair professional or you can do it yourself at home. We recommended you to do it yourself at home because you can save money and no need to spending a lot of money. In definitely, coloring at home is simple and affordable.

Dying Blonde to Brown How to Dye Blonde Hair Brown

Dying Blonde to Brown

So, check below this to the instruction of coloring hair color. Follow these tips to choose the right color and dye your hair at home. Here are

    1. Prepare the things you will need such as rubber gloves or plastic gloves, brown hair dye and deep conditioning treatment.
    2. Make a decision about hair coloring you want using whether is permanent hair dye or semi permanent dye. Semi permanent is great choice for new color because it will gradually fade out over the course of a month. There are best semi permanent brads you can choose such as L’Oreal, wella, Clairol, granier and Revlon.
Coloring Hair Blonde From Brown1 How to Dye Blonde Hair Brown

Coloring Hair Blonde From Brown

    1. Decide your skin tone. If you have cool tone you should avoid choosing golden brown color and reddish because it is not look good for you. If you have warm tone you should avoid choosing ash because it can wash out your skin.
    2. Buy the hair color of brown which is will give the best for you. Take the hair dye to the drugstore and look at several boxes of hair dye in the shades of brown you want. You have to know that every box will have a section where they show what the brown color will look like once over blonde hair.
    3. If you get more difficult to coloring your hair, you may want to friends help.
Brown Hair to Blond How to Dye Blonde Hair Brown

Brown Hair to Blond

    1. Before you begin applying hair dye. Perform the strand test. Mix a small amount of the dye just a few drops from each bottle. And apply to your strand of hair. Leave it on for the 10 minutes to 15 minutes. After that, rinse completely.
    2. If you like the ways the dye looks once the hair is dry, you will need to set aside approximately half an hour to mix and apply the dye. Leave it on for a few minutes until the hair dye give the reaction to your hair. Use the towel to shoulder to protect your neck from the hair coloring.
    3. Apply the hair dye it at the roots and make sure you to coat all strands evenly to your hair.
Blonde to Brown Color How to Dye Blonde Hair Brown

Blonde to Brown Color

  1. We are almost done. Now, you can rinse your hair and do not using shampoo to wash it. After that time has passed. Use deep conditioning treatment to help preserve the healthy to your hair.

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