Homemade Spa Products

Being beautiful and healthy does not always mean you need to spend a lot of money for spa treatments in salon. In fact, you can make your own homemade spa products that are made from natural ingredients. This type of spa products usually requires inexpensive ingredients, simple supplies and also easy making steps as well so it will not get you into difficulties at all. There are various spa products you can make at home. Do you want to learn further? Read on!


Facial Mask

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The first example of homemade spa products you can make on your own is facial mask. We all know that face is one of the most crucial parts of our beauty, hence we need to really take a good care of sour facial skin very well. This homemade spa product is very effective in removing dead skin cells and also unclogging pores. If you have limited budget, homemade facial mask is definitely the best alternative you can get. Facial mask is very easy to make and it needs no expensive ingredients and supplies that can violate your pocket. There are infinite ideas of homemade facial mask recipes you can find out there. They are not only inexpensive but also natural and healthy as well.


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Easy Homemade Bath Products

Indeed, making homemade facial mask is very easy and affordable, you just need natural ingredients and kitchen supplies. For example, you can take one tablespoon rosewater, one cup oats, and also two teaspoons honey for making facial mask that can soften and smoother our facial skin. As an alternative, if you have dry skin you can make a facial mask from olive oil, plain yogurt, egg yolk, lemon juice and avocado.


Detox Bath

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How to Make Spa Products

Another type of homemade spa products that will be easy to make at home is detox bath. This type of bath will not only make your skin smoother and softer but also detoxify your body. A popular recipe you can use is milk band chamomile detox bath. You can take 4 bags of chamomile tea, three cups of milk powder, and one cup hot water. You can mix all of those ingredients into your bath and use it as your homemade spa. Relax yourself for a while to detoxify the toxin in your body.


Hair Spa

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Recipes for Homemade Bath Products

Aside from homemade spa products for skin, another spa product that is very important is hair spa product. We all know that getting hair treatments and spa in a salon can really be costly sometimes, therefore there is no other wiser way than making your own homemade hair spa. You can make your own hot oil hair spa and also natural conditioner to smoothen your hair. One of the best ingredients that will be perfect for this job is honey since it is said to have excellent moisturizer level. As for hot oil hair spa, you can use coconut oil mixed with olive oil so your hair will not get dry. In addition, coconut oil is very efficient to eliminate dandruff problems so your hair will stay healthy and beautiful as well.

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