Hair Dye Allergy Symptoms

Hair dye allergy symptoms can occur when it after hair coloring. Hair dye allergy as possible was occurring for many people after use hair dye. It can be occur possibly for semi permanent and permanent hair color.

What are causes of hair dye allergy?

Why it can occur? You have to know, not all of hair dye chemical was good for your skin type or scalp. Hair dye are contains a chemical known as PPD or praphenylenediamine that is responsible for causing allergic reaction for some individuals after hair dying.

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Signs of Hair Dye Allergy

PPD is found in more than two thirds of permanent hair dye and is a very effective chemical at penetrating the hair follicle and shaft. This characteristic can make PPD a potential contact antigen to induce the allergic reaction.

But the reaction appear is depending on the severity of the allergic individuals. To knowing the hair dye will appear allergic to your skin before you dye your hair you can perform a skin test with a little bit of hair dye and leave it one 48 hours. Let it and look the reaction.

What are symptoms of Hair dye allergy?

-          Getting Itching

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The first effect most appears is itching.  Itching was occurring because the side effect of PPD or praphenylenediamine it hair dye contains. PPD or praphenylenediamine make your scalp getting itching and allergic. The allergic of itching may be accompanied by other irritation and maybe rash to your skin. Avoid scratching too strong because it can make your skin getting redness and peeling. To prevent and relieving this symptom you can use anti itching lotions and cream. Apply into your allergic area evenly.

-          Getting swelling

The other symptoms will appear by hair dye is getting swelling. In some cases the swelling to your hair can be disfiguring for a short time. To treat these reactions you can ask to professional dermatologist with steroid creams and prescription oral steroid medications.

-          Getting rash

If you getting rash or red rash you should completely ask to professional dermatologist to treat these symptoms. Rash or red rash can be appear anywhere the hair dye was applied or any areas the hair touched by hair dye. The rash can possible occur around the eyes and ears, hairline, and also scalp.

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Hair Color Allergies Remedies

-          Skin irritation

Skin irritation occurs in different symptoms such as flaky skin, getting redness skin, and getting peeling. All of symptoms of allergic that may be occur with the use if hair dye you used. Perform the skin patch test before applying.

-          Solution and preventing

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Allergies to Hair Dye

We recommended you before apply hair dye, make sure you will performed skin patch test with hair dye you want using. And leave it on until a few hours to ensure the reaction will appears to your skin. Apply hair dye in sensitive areas such as around inner arm and for better wait 24 until 48 hours to determine if a reaction occurs.


So, follow these tips before you apply hair dye in order to not appear an allergic symptoms to your skin.




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