Hair Color List

Talking about changing our natural hair color is definitely one of the most interesting matters to talk about. In this world, you can find various names in the hair color list that are very popular and can easily find out there. What are they? You can find black hair color, brown hair color, red hair color and also blonde hair color. Each of these hair colors has its own charm and also specialty so you better read further to find out the answer.


Black Hair Color

At Home Hair Coloring Guide 300x148 Hair Color List

At Home Hair Coloring Guide

The first and probably the commonest hair color all over this world is black hair color. African-American and Asian people mostly have natural black hair. This type of hair is definitely the most beautiful and safest hair color when it comes to hair coloring matter. People with black hair can have more various shade choices for highlights. As the deepest shade in hair color level, black is absolutely able to give your face bright aura and fresh look. You can have your black hair tinted or highlighted to enhance the gorgeousness of your hair style.


Brown Hair Color

List of Hair Dye Colors 300x181 Hair Color List

List of Hair Dye Colors

When it comes to hair color shades, brown is probably the hair color that has the most various shades and hues. In the hair color list we can find that there are a lot of brown shades you can surely choose. Start from dark brown, caramel, honey, ash, auburn and also ombre brown shades, you can have your favorite brown hair color shade that suit your personality and taste the most. Brown hair color is similar to black color hair, hair colors that are considered as the greater hair color in this world. Brown hair color gives you look that is perfectly sun kissed so it will complete the sexy look you desire.


Red Hair Color

Professional Hair Dye Brands List 300x298 Hair Color List

Professional Hair Dye Brands List

Red hair color is said to be a hair color that can suit any types of skin tone, hence, all people in the world can definitely apply this hair color. However, this matter will highly be depended by the color shade of red hair color you choose. Some red shades are not suitable for certain skin tones so you need to be really careful in choosing the right red hair color shade for yourself. According to some reviews out there, there are some women said that they tried to apply red hair color but the result turn orange instead. Hence, in order to avoid this occurrence it will be better for you to do a consultation first beforehand.


Blonde Hair Color

Top 10 Hair Color 300x300 Hair Color List

Top 10 Hair Color

The last but not the least member of the hair color list we are talking about is blonde hair color. Blonde hair color is definitely the brighter and the lightest shade in the hair color level. Even according to Rita Hazan, a famous stylist, blonde is considered as the sexiest hair color ever. Blonde hair color can get both lowlights and also highlights. You can get lowlights shades such as brown or red, meanwhile, you can also get highlights shades such as bright red, yellow, blue and even pink. People said that blondes are natural attention getters.

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