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We often see the hair accessories of our daughter that ended up scattered in various places; bathroom, bedroom, living room and even kitchen. This is definitely one of the most annoying conditions you often face at home. How can you not when you are the one who always ended up cleaning up the places all over again everyday? No need to worry now since this situation has actually had its solution already. In order to overcome this problem, you just need a proper hair accessories organizer that will keep all of your daughter’s accessories in the right place and well organized. In this article this time, we have already prepared several ideas of unique yet simple and inexpensive organizers that will be perfect for storing your hair accessories.


Wooden Spools

If you want to get an economical and effective organizer for your hair accessories collections, you can simply get wooden spools. First of all, you can get several wooden spools and cut them in your desired length. If you want your hair accessory organizer to be cuter and more attractive, you can paint the wooden spools first.

Accessories Organizer 300x221 Hair Accessories Organizer

Accessories Organizer

Do not forget to let them dry up completely before taking the next step. Afterwards, find a wooden board then glue the painted wooden spools to it. Make sure that the wooden spools are perfectly attached to the wooden board so they will not fall apart once you place the hair accessories. This type of hair accessory organizers is very perfect for head bands, pony tail holders and also hair bands.


Acrylic Boxes

Hair Accessories Organizer for Girls 300x300 Hair Accessories Organizer

Hair Accessories Organizer for Girls

This is another idea of hair accessories organizer that will be perfect to keep all collections of hair accessories you have. Acrylic box is definitely one of the best hair accessories organizers you can get out there. You can have either the plain and transparent acrylic boxes or the patterned and painted ones. If you want an organizer that will enable you to see what is inside it then the best option you should opt is the plain and transparent acrylic boxes.

Hair Accessory Holder 300x300 Hair Accessories Organizer

Hair Accessory Holder

On the contrary, if you want an organizer that can match the color scheme of your room and keep your accessories well kept then I suggest you to take the painted and patterned acrylic boxes instead. You can place the acrylic boxes on top of your dresser table or head bed so it will not only be a storage equipment but also decorative addition as well.


Recycled Organizer

Hair Accessory Storage 300x300 Hair Accessories Organizer

Hair Accessory Storage

There are also a lot of unique ideas of hair accessories organizer you can make at home from unused items. The first idea is organizer from coat pegs that are not too big. You can make the coat pegs into a hair bands holder with a simple effort. You just need to decorate them using paint pens, rub ons, or oil paints so they will make a cuter hair accessory organizer. Another idea is an organizer that is made of picture frame. You can remove the back part of the frame along with the glass then tie a piece of ribbon to each side of two corners. You can hang it on the wall then make it as your earrings holder.


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