Dying Hair Blonde from Brown

Incorporate between brown and blonde hair color is perfect complexion. Blonde and brown offer the natural hair color to look good to your hair.

Adding blonde to brown hair is perfect companion to your hairs. You cannot go wrong with these hair color because it is natural color will make your appearance look feminism and beautiful completely.

Adding blonde to your brown hair divided into variety methods. Add blonde to the top on your hair, mess blonde or one side of your hair. It is just depending on what you want and give the best effect to your hair. But make sure you get comfort with your hair coloring. Brown hair color will give the accent and darker to your hair.

Dying From Brown to Blonde Dying Hair Blonde from Brown

Dying From Brown to Blonde

When it comes to dye hair color there are two options you can try. While you go to the hair salon or dying it yourself at home, it is just depending on you. If you want to color at home, you can purchase the hair coloring kit in drug store. With coloring hair at home you no need to spend a lot of money and you will keep your budget.

But if you do not have experience about it, you can ask to professional to help you dying your hair. Get professional advice from a trained colorist or your stylist. Make sure you use high quality brands to give the best result to your hair.

Dying Blonde Hair Dark Brown Dying Hair Blonde from Brown

Dying Blonde Hair Dark Brown

Here are a few steps to get blonde hair you can do it at home with easy way. So, check below tips to switch from brunette to blond hair color.

    1. The things you will need to begin this process is timers, towels, combs, deep conditioner, professional advice, hair coloring products, hot oil treatments, highlight kits, protein based shampoos, and moisturizing shampoos
    2. Decide your options, if you want to dark brunette hair, you may need to go to a lighters shade of brown and add blond highlights. If you want to light to medium brunette hair you may make it to blond.
Dying Bleach Blonde Hair Brown Dying Hair Blonde from Brown

Dying Bleach Blonde Hair Brown

    1. Choose the right one of hair color that will work for you. If you want warm hair color, choose golden and sunny tones. If you want to complement your complexion, you can choose beige and ash hair color.
    2. To get into 2 shades of your natural color, choose a shade lighters than what you desire. To go more than two shades lighters that your natural hair color requires that you strip your natural color. So it can offer the new color to your hair.
Coloring Hair Blonde From Brown Dying Hair Blonde from Brown

Coloring Hair Blonde From Brown

  1. And then strip your natural color using a product specially designed to lift color. If you want to bring dramatic color, you can striper more.
  2. Use permanent color if you want to go lighter. Perform to apply about 1 inch from the top till the ends of your hair.
  3. Keep a timer, detail journal of your process, citing color names and application process for your touch up.



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