Dying Black Hair Red

When it comes to dying hair color it is fun ways to make your appearance for a new look. Dying hair color is easy way and alternative besides haircutting to make you look different previously. Hair color is defining your style. So, choosing the right color is important to consideration.

If you are boring with your common hair color, it is right time to change or adding your hair color. With your black hair, you can add red as your complement. Choosing red color is perfect option. Incorporate between black and red hair will give your hair fantasy look and colorful.

You cannot go wrong with these hair colors because it is the latest trend for fashion. Red and black hair is good complexion offer the amazing look. Both of this color gives all everything well completely. Play with combination this color to make your appearance look interesting.

The Best Red Hair Dye Dying Black Hair Red

The Best Red Hair Dye

There is various way of coloring black and red hair color into the desire you want. In dying your hair color there are two methods you can choose, whether you want do it yourself at home or go to the salon to dye hair.

You can do it at home with easy step we can give you. With dying your hair at home you can save money without spend a lot of money. So check below this for more information.

Red Rinse On Black Hair Dying Black Hair Red

Red Rinse On Black Hair

    1. The things you will need is 2 hair dye bowls, powder hair bleach volume 20, 2 hair dye brushes, hair color developer, red hair dye of your choice and 2 pairs of latex gloves.
    2. Use gloves to protect your hands from hair coloring. Mix equal parts of the bleach and hair color developer in one of your bowls with your hands. Mix into smooth consistency and make sure there are no lumps of powder bleach.
    3. To work with thin sections of your hair, you can use the tail end of your color brush to distribute the bleach mixture throughout hair. Make sure you covered each strand evenly.
Coloring Hair Red From Black Dying Black Hair Red

Coloring Hair Red From Black

    1. After that, leave it on the bleach is mixture sit about 20 until 30 minutes until your hair bring the lightened to a yellow brown color.
    2. If you are getting the colors mean, you can rinse and shampoo the mixture from your hair. Make sure you wash completely cleaned from the bleach. Rinse until all of the bleach is removed.
    3. Use dry towel to remove excess water from your hair. Dry your hair so that it is still damp.
Black Hair with Red Tint Dying Black Hair Red

Black Hair with Red Tint

  1. Mix equal part of red hair and hair developer with second bowl you have and different brush. Mix into smooth consistency. Mix using your hands.
  2. Apply the mixture with hair color brush into your hair with thin section to distribute the color. Make sure you covered the mixture evenly.
  3. Leave it on until 20 until 30 minute. Let it sit on your hair until getting the reaction on your hair.
  4. Rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioning your hair.
  5. Finish


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