Current Hairstyles 2011

Although we have already been in 2012 year, but it is no surprising that the current hairstyles 2011 that have still been highly demanded and used by a lot of people in this world. Both women and men seem to be more interested by the current hairstyles that were introduced as the hairstyle trends last year. They said that 2011’s hairstyles are more interesting yet simpler, that is why there are a lot of people who still love the previous hairstyles more. Do you know what kind of hairstyles that have been very popular in 2011? If you want to know how these hairstyles look like then I suggest you to read further so you will know them better.


Hairstyles for Women



When it comes to fashion, hairstyle and makeup, women are definitely the one that will be more concern compared to men. Especially if we are talking about hairstyles, since women typically have longer hair that is not surprising that we can find more hairstyles for women than those for men. The first hairstyle in 2011 that has been very popular is curly hairstyle. Curly hairstyle is definitely one of the most adorable hairstyle that can perfectly match any kinds of occasions. By twisting your hair gently will absolutely create elegant yet innocent look at once. If you have long hair, do not leave it straight because twist and curl can definitely make your appearance much better.


 Current Hairstyles 2011

Hairstyles 2011 – Latest Hairstyles for Women and Men

Another idea of current hairstyles 2011 for women you can also consider is sedu hairstyle. This type of hairstyle is especially designed for those who have short hair. This type of hairstyles is very widespread and worn by a lot of people with various hair types and colors. Usually, people also use curls and perms to complete the look. Hence, it is no surprising that this sedu hairstyle is perfect for those who have thin hair. With this messy sedu hairstyle you can make your hair looks ore voluminous and bouncy.


Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles 2011 Hairstyles Men 2011 Short Current Cool 300x300 Current Hairstyles 2011

Hairstyles 2011 – Hairstyles Men 2011 – Short – Current – Cool

Although women are said to have more choices of hairstyles in 2011 but it does not mean that men have few numbers of hairstyles. In 2011, there are a lot of modifications done to short hairstyles that absolutely make the current hairstyles more interesting and attracting. The first idea you can do to your hair is faux hawk hairstyle. It is said that the parent of this hairstyle for men is the famous Mohawk hairstyle. Faux hawk hairstyle is considered as a hairstyle that is less rebellious and less wild compared to its parent hairstyle. The popularity of this hairstyle is almost similar to the popularity of the long-famous spike hairstyle.


Current short hair styles 2011 252x300 Current Hairstyles 2011

Current short hair styles 2011

If you want to get neater and tidier option of the current hairstyles 2011 out there, you can also opt for Christiano Ronaldo hairstyle. This hairstyle actually has similar technique of haircutting as faux hawk haircut. However, you do not need to get wax or gel to style your hair upward. Just leave it neat and formal for more elegant and calmer look.

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