Chestnut Colored Hair

Brown hair color is claimed to be a hair color that has the greatest shades amongst any other hair colors. One of the most popular shades of brown hair color is chestnut. This type of brown hair color is actually a rich brown color with a tint of red shade.

It is said that chestnut colored hair is one of the sexiest hair colors you can ever get out there. Under this belief, there are a lot of people who are willing to change their original or former hair color into chestnut brown. How does chestnut brown hair look like? What are the shades of chestnut hair color available out there you can possibly use? Read more to get the answer to your question.


How does Chestnut Look Like?

As it has already been explained briefly in the previous part of this passage, chestnut is categorized as one shade of brown hair color. This shade of brown is often mistaken as auburn hair color but in fact these two hair color are different.

Chest Nut Hair Color 300x210 Chestnut Colored Hair

Chest Nut Hair Color

Auburn is also a combination of red and brown hair color but it has richer red shade, hence this hair color is categorized as red hair color shade. On the contrary, chestnut hair color is dominated by brown shade so it is considered as brown hair color shade. The manufacturers these days formulated chestnut hair dye products by combining pheomelanin and eumelanin to get the desired chestnut hair color.


The Shades of Chestnut Hair Color

Chestnut Color Hair Dye 300x225 Chestnut Colored Hair

Chestnut Color Hair Dye

There are several types of chestnut colored hair you can possibly see out there. The first type is light chestnut hair color that has a tint of blonde shade. This type of chestnut hair color shade is perfect for those who have pale skin tone since it will appear lighter than regular or medium chestnut you can usually find. There is not many people use this type of chestnut hair shade since the chestnut shade is not visible enough because of the blonde shade combination. However, for those who love blonde hair but also want to try chestnut color, this shade of chestnut hair will be the best choice.


Dark Chestnut Hair Color Pictures 300x266 Chestnut Colored Hair

Dark Chestnut Hair Color Pictures

If you do not feel comfortable and confident in using light chestnut hair color shade, you can also try the dark shade of chestnut hair color. This type of chestnut hair color shade has deeper shade of brown color so it will look blackish. If you have dark skin tone then you better opt for this dark chestnut hair color shade than the light ones. In addition, you can also add several layers of golden chestnut hair shade so you can make your hair look more attractive.


Warm Chestnut Brown Hair Color 300x245 Chestnut Colored Hair

Warm Chestnut Brown Hair Color

There is nothing can compare the beauty of regular or medium chestnut colored hair out there. The medium level of chestnut is definitely the best option in case you want to get the true color of chestnut. As an alternative, you can also choose medium chestnut hair color shade that has a tint of golden shade so it will look more elegant and classy.

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