Celebrity Male Hairstyles

Looking for the best hair style that can suit us the most is definitely not a simple and easy task to accomplish, especially for men. Although there are infinite ideas of haircuts and hair styles you can see in uncountable numbers of salon spread all over the world, you can hardly find the most attractive one. According to some people, they said that one solution to cure our confusion of choosing haircut or hair style is to look at the hairstyles worn by celebrities. Celebrity male hairstyles are definitely more free and trendy compared to regular haircut and hairstyle we can see in a barbershop. Do you want to know the celebrities whose hairstyles are popular and loved by a lot of men? Here they are, check it out guys!


Michael Pitt Hairstyle
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Michael Pitt is probably not as famous as Brad Pitt but his hairstyle is definitely not something you need to compare as well. The hairstyle of Michael Pitt is very popular among men, especially after his constant appearance on Boardwalk Empire Show. If you can see that some men prefer short hair then the rest have decided to be the same side of Michael Pitt who loves longer hair. His usual hairstyle is around mid length or shoulder length with floppy bangs. You can wear this hairstyle in messy style or you can also make it looks tidy and neat by slicking it back.


Johnny Depp Hairstyle
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If we are talking about celebrity male hairstyles we cannot leave the top Hollywood male celebrities out, right? Johnny Depp is definitely a famous name that is well known and loved by a lot of people. Aside from his marvelous acting skill, Johnny Depp also has a good fashion taste that can make a lot of girls go crazy about him. Of course, all of you want the same treatment from girls, don’t you? That is why, one effort you can do is to adapt his hairstyle or haircut. His famous laid back hairstyle is definitely the best option if you want to look classy, especially in formal occasions. You can also try his messy cheek bone length style if you want casual look.


Jared Leto Hairstyle
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The name of Jared Leto really seems to beat the popularity of his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. For those who love rock music will absolutely be familiar with this name. There are a lot of people said that all the spirit of masculinity and rock can be found in Jared Leto. His grunge hairstyle is one of his popular hairstyles that has a lot of admirers. Usually, he wears jet black hair with red dyed tips while performing on stage with his band.


Jake Gyllenhaal
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Another idea of celebrity male hairstyles you can also try is Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyle. This male celebrity is famous for his Donnie Darko, an independent movie. If you want to get casual yet trendy look of manly style, you can try his hairstyle. Usally, Jake Gyllenhaal has conventional short haircut that has various length top. You can do a lot of modifications to the top part so you can get different styles.

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