Celebrities With Natural Hair

Most of all celebrities always look with straight hair, wave’s hair and other hair type. She looks perfect and beautiful with their hair style. But you should have known, not all of celebrities looks beautiful with implies hair style. There are many celebrities with natural hair even she definite looks beautiful completely.

Here are 10 top celebrities with natural hair. Check below this

  1. Oprah winfrey

This is the one of another top celebrity with natural hair. From the beginning career she always looks with natural hair. She was so proud with natural hair because it can make her looks beautiful and gorgeous completely.

Stars with Natural Hair Celebrities With Natural Hair

Stars with Natural Hair

  1. Kim Wayans

Kim Wayans always look with braided and straight hair in every occasion. But with natural hair she was no less beautiful when compared to using any hairstyles. She has been find a new look with natural hair and could go either way with definitely she like better curly.

  1. Viola Davis

Viola Davis is another celebrity with natural hair. Previously, in most of the academy award nominee’s red carpet appearance have seen the star sporting a variety wig, but in this night viola Davis decided to wear her natural hair. Even she looks beautiful with natural hair style.

Natural Hair Celebrity Hairstyles Celebrities With Natural Hair

Natural Hair Celebrity Hairstyles

  1. Kim Coles

A natural hair also owned by Kim Coles. She has a tight curly. Sometimes she looks with weaves hair and micro braids in every occasion. But with natural hair it is real Kim Cole’s hairstyle. She totally hands down like with better natural hair she has.

  1. Solange Knowles

Her natural hair is adorable. Singer solange Knowles is also a spokeswoman with a natural hair. Her natural hair is absolutely stunning in every chance her attend.

  1. Nichole ari parker

Nichole ari parker looks hot with natural hair. She comes with her natural curls and she didn’t realize that she has beautiful hair.

  1. Raven symone

She looks with different hairstyle from ponytails to weaves and she looks perfect. Even though, she has natural hair can make she look perfect too. Actress raven symone recently embraced her natural locks. She loves natural hair even she wear it out a lot.

Keisha Pulliam Knight Natural Hair Celebrities With Natural Hair

Keisha Pulliam Knight Natural Hair

  1. Chrisette Michele

Singer always looks with short natural hair and black hair. It is most notable when she goes for close cropped afro styles.

  1. Angela Simons

She looks gorgeous with her natural hair. While she often hides her hair under a weave in every occasion, but with her natural hair she still always looks perfect completely.

Celebrity Natural Hair Color Celebrities With Natural Hair

Celebrity Natural Hair Color

  1. Tiffany new York pollard

Go to natural hair also owned by tiffany New York pollard. She did and for three and a half years she grew her hair and did her big reveal last year. In definitely, she looks better with her natural hair totally.

  1. Rochelle Ritchie

Rochelle Ritchie natural hair is affordable. She always looks with natural hair in every occasion. She was so proud with her hair because it can add beautify and definitely stunning look.


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