Brunette Hair with Highlights

Having brunette hair must make you proud of your hair because of its charm and beauty and there is nothing wrong if your brunette hair can be beautified by highlighting it because it will be easy to be done and maintained and the brunette hair with highlights allow you to choose the colors and shades based on your favorite color. Whatever the colors and shades, like light brown, auburn red, soft blond or bright yellow, all of them will be suitable for your brunette hair and a sexy look will be given to you without anything drastic should be done by you. Before highlighting your brunette hair, there are some tips that should be concerned with by you.

Well, that not all highlights can give the best look for all brunettes so both the level of darkness in your natural hair should also be considered and the tone of any hair color chosen by you should also be thought thoroughly. Dark brunette hair color tone will give the best look because of its warm hue owned by the deep rich shade of brunette and the dramatic effect that you want to be created can also be given by the shade on your warm skin tones. Some dimension will also be added by a sprinkle of very thin highlights—just a shade or two lighter to the color.

The other tone can give the good look on most brunettes is ash brown even though you will be difficult in achieving this with artificial hair color but actually, you can do this because this color can be bumped out of the “mousy” category only by enough highlighting from the sun. A few medium ash or beige blond foil highlights can be added throughout the top of the hair so that a similar effect can be given. While your medium to fair warm skin tone can be brightened by the light auburn-brown hair color so a very warm shade of brunette can be given to.

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Brunette Hair with Highlights Beauty

The other thing that should be considered in brunette hair with highlightstips here is that your age should be acted when your shade is selected because not all ages of brunettes can received all colors, especially in older women. For the thirties to forties women, the softer and lighter shades of blond can be tried to be applied for your hair highlights because it will give you a beautiful look. While for you who are teens and twenties, the bright blond highlights should be avoided.

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Brunette Hair with Highlights Ideas

A more subtle yet youthful look will be provided by the darker shade of red highlight to the best look for middle-aged brunettes and it is recommended for you in this brunette hair with highlightstips. The most of your dark hair can be made and then a highlighted shade which is relatively in the same color family as your natural hair can be chosen. However, more than three shades lighter than your natural hair color should be avoided which is stated as one of the general rules. A professional should be found first by you so you will be helped in the highlighting application.

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Charming Brunette Hair with Highlights

Creating brunette hair with highlights is quite possible for being done by your own self, so the highlights can be applied by the professional to your brunette hair. However, if you cannot, your hair can be given with a little lemon juice and sunshine so your hair can look lighter. Hopefully, some information given above can really give you the view how to do for your brunette hair.

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