Brown Eye Makeup Tips

Having brown eyes is one of your advantages, especially when it comes to makeup your face and you will not be confused when you should choose the best and the most suitable eye shadow colors because your eyes color will be nice if they are matched with any colors or every cosmetic color, from the lightest to the darkest smoky colors will definitely suit your brown eyes rather than the other eyes color. You should be grateful for having the lucky brown eyes because you will get some brown eye makeup tips here and you will be assisted to make your look perfect and more beautiful. Your shade of brown will determine the certain colors that your look can be complemented better than others.

The first thing that becomes one of the most important things when the brown eye makeup tips are followed by you is that what shade of brown you have should be determined first. Moreover, the medium to dark range of colors can be one of the best options to be chosen by you if the deep brown color is owned by your eyes that can pass for black. Your brown eye color will determine what makeup color that should be put on your face, like green color can be used for medium brown eyes while the colors like light yellow can be used for your light brown eyes because the golden flecks can be brought out later.

The other important thing that should be kept in your mind is that the size of your eyes can be maximized and brought out by the lighter colors while your eyes size will be minimized and contoured by the darker colors. Your eyes can also be emphasized when the dark eyeliner is combined with lighter eye shadow which is regarded as another one of the more important brown eye makeup tips. The other makeup, like your lips and cheeks can be kept more neutral so that the attention can be drawn to your eyes.

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Best Brown Eye Makeup Tips

After that, the lighter shades like taupe and pink can be applied so that your eyes can be opened and they will also be given with a more natural look. Also, your brown eyes will surely be brightened by the shimmer eye shadow and if a smoky look wants to be created by you, the grey eye shadows can be applied then. First thing first, the lighter eye shadow can be applied from your lash to your brow and then the medium eye shadow can be applied in your crease and blend upwards, but you should apply the dark shadow only on the other corner of your eyelid.

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Brown Eye Makeup Tips and Hints

The shimmer eye shadow should also be applied on the inner corners of your eyes so the brighter effect can be created and it is one of the important points in the brown eye makeup tips. Your upper lids can be lined with a dark liner before the same liner can be applied to your lower lids so that the more dramatic look can be created. As the final touch that can perfect your look, the mascara can be used.

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Simple Brown Eye Makeup Tips

Well, what do you think about the brown eye makeup tips mentioned before? Hopefully, these can really assist you in making a better look and makeup for your brown eyes. Be more beautiful, attractive and perfect with the makeup tips for your brown eyes.

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