Blonde Hair Celebrities

Coloring hair can be one of the best way in boosting your mood because a totally new look will be given to you by the hair colors that you choose, whether you can look more mature, professional, attractive, elegant, younger, or cuter, it will be the result created when your hair is colored and if you want to make your hair blonde but you have no ideas for it, the blonde hair celebrities can be taken a look. Many celebrities have great blonde hair that can be copied and worn by you, but of course you should also have confidence when you have blonde hair color because people may pay attention to you later. Well, if we talk about the celebrities with blonde hair, you must want to know who they are.

The first one of the blonde hair celebrities here is Gwen Stefani and her blonde is included in the platinum blonde and it looks very perfect because her skin tone is light and she also has cool undertones, so for you who have the same skin tone and undertones as Gwen, it may be perfect for you as well. The next celebrity is Cate Blanchett with her sunny blonde and it really suits her because she has light golden skin tone. Her undertones are also included in the warm types so the color which is more yellow than ash can really be good for her, do you want to try?

The next one of the popular blonde hair celebritiesis Beyonce Knowles with her flaxen toffee and it can also be perfect for her because she has dark golden skin tone and the warm type of undertones is also owned by her. Moreover, her skin tone is really perfectly complemented by the shade of blond which is flattered to be darker and if you want to try this one, it is also the best. The next recommendation comes from Tyra Banks’ tawny honey blonde hair color that can look good for her even though she has dark golden skin tone and warm undertones.

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Nicole Richie Blonde Hair Celebrities

If you do not think that the previous ideas can suit your style, perhaps Nicole Richie’s burnt caramel hair color can inspire you especially if you have warm undertones and dark golden skin tone and it can be one of the popular blonde hair celebrities. Alternatively, you may look at Queen Latifah’s bright amber hair color that can also look nice for her dark skin tone with warm undertones because when the caramel and golden highlights are mixed, a good look will still be given to your dark skin. Another idea comes from Sharon Stone’s golden flax that can look nicer in light skin tone and cool undertones.

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Gwen Stefani Blonde Hair Celebrities

Are you one of the Victoria Beckham’s fans? Then, her caramel blonde can also be tried by you and if you have medium skin tone then it will be complimented perfectly by the medium golden hue. Or else, Gwyneth Paltrow’s butter blonde can also be one of your best options and it will look nicer if you have light golden skin tone and warm undertones.

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Carrie Underwood Blonde Hair Celebrities

The last but not least, Carrie Underwood’s goldenrod hair color is also included in the popular blonde hair celebrities that can also be tried by you. The beautiful sunny champagne hair color owned by Reese Witherspoon can also be considered. So, which one you will choose?

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