Black Celebrities Hairstyles 2011

A hair styles is the most interesting to discuss, right. Especially if we are talking about celebrities hair styles, it is so hot to discuss. In this occasion, we will talk about black celebrity’s hair style in 2011. So, read more this article to get more inspiration and references when it comes to change your hair style.

When we talk about celebrities hair styles, celebrities are identically with a new hair style always. In each year, they are always showing off her new hair style in every occasion. Therefore, the celebrities hair styles are becomes the most influents for everyone who are looked that.

Black celebrities hair styles in 2011 are always looking chic with their new hair. So, for new hair style, celebrities always become the trend setter for hair style. Most of all picked their hair style to look chic, too.

Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide 300x300 Black Celebrities Hairstyles 2011

Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide

Here are the top black celebrities in 2011 with their hair style. There are many celebrities look sophisticated with their hair style such as Halle, beyonce, tracee, rihanna and kelis.

-          Nia long

Black celebrity with stunning hair style is nia long. In 2011, nia long has come with short hair style and black hair color. Pixie hair cut to be nia long hair style choice in 2011. She looks fresh and absolutely beautiful with this hair style.

-          Solange Knowles

Celebrities with Black Hair 300x218 Black Celebrities Hairstyles 2011

Celebrities with Black Hair

Another black celebrity with stunning hair style is solange Knowles. In 2011, Solange Knowles has come with short hair style and black hair color. This is the favorite solange Knowles hair style. She always looks with short hair in every occasion. Sometimes, she look with her natural curly afro is absolutely gorgeous and giving accentuates her striking features and with long braids too.

-          Rihanna

How about rihanna? What is the rihanna’s hair style in 2011? Sometimes, rihanna always look with short hair style. Short hair style is the rihanna’s favorite hair styles. But in 2011, rihanna had given us long hair with red hair color. Rihanna always make a new sensation with their hair styles. Her hair transformation has been exciting look. Red hair achieves her glow skin completely.

black celebrity hairstyles 2012 300x300 Black Celebrities Hairstyles 2011

black celebrity hairstyles 2012

-          Gabrielle union

Celebrities are typically with long hair, but while Gabrielle union look confident with her hair. She looks perfect with voluminous hair. Even though not everyone likes with these hair styles, but it will look great with Gabrielle union. Type of Gabriella hair style is perfect for black women who want a little Hollywood glam. This is her signature and has yet to be caught out there looking elegant. It is so sophisticated, right.

-          Janet Jackson

Black Hair Black Hairstyle Trends for 2012 220x300 Black Celebrities Hairstyles 2011

Black Hair — Black Hairstyle Trends for 2012

In 2011, Janet Jackson looks with short hair style. Even though short hair style do not work on everyone, but when Janet performed with this hair style she look chic and beautiful. With black hair add her beautiful appearance. This is the right hair style of Janet Jackson aren’t washed out her skin tone.  Janet is rocking a hot close cropped with this hair style.



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