Beauty and the Beast Summary

All people around the world may already be familiar with Beauty and the Beast is included in the fairy tales and Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve is the genius person who published the rendition of this fairy tale version and she published this for the first time in La jeune americaine, et les contes marins in 1740. Beauty and the Beast movie was also made in animation feature and it was already aired in the last January 2012 by Disney canon and have you already known about the Walt Disney Animated Classics? Beauty and the Beast is the thirtieth film in this series and there will be the Beauty and the Beast summary.

The story was started by a selfish young prince which was given with a rose by an enchantress disguised as an old beggar woman in exchange for a night’s shelter from the extreme cold because it happened when the winter season or Christmas season and the rose was offered as a test of his heart and emotion. However, the old woman was turned away by the prince because he was repulsed by the old and ugly appearance of the old woman, after that, the old woman showed her real appearance as an enchantress. The prince was punished because of his selfishness; he was transformed into an ugly Beast and even his servants were also transformed into furniture and other household items.

Before leaving, the rose that was bloomed until his 21th birthday and a magic mirror was given to the Beast by the enchantress so he was enabled to view faraway events and before all the rose’s petals falling off, the Beast should be able to find someone that he loved and even be loved in return so that he could turned into a prince anymore. Well, there was a young woman named Belle who lived in a nearby with her father, Maurice, and her hobbies are reading and yearns for a life beyond the village. However, there was an arrogant local hero named Gaston who was always annoying Belle, forcing her to receive his proposal.

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Complete Beauty and the Beast Summary

The Beauty and the Beast summaryis still continuing and one day, Maurice’s lost his way until he arrived in the Beast’s castle and he was imprisoned by the Beast, but Belle could finally arrived in the castle as well by the Fillepe (Maurice’s horse) help. However, when Maurice was already sent to his home by the Beast, he told Gaston for rescuing her daughter. In the castle, the Beast invited Belle to have a dinner with him but it was refused by Belle until she found the rose given by the enchantress in the forbidden room.

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Beauty and the Beast Summary for Kids

Belle was frightened by the Beast’s anger and escaped from the castle and after that the wolves tried to attack her and her horse but they were saved by the Beast, they finally became friends. Briefly, the enchanted mirror was used by Belle and she found her father was dying in the woods because of Gaston’s assumption that her father was crazy. After showing that what her father told to him was real, Belle and Maurice were locked in a basement while Gaston went to the castle to attack the Beast.

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Beauty and the Beast Summary and Theme

Shortly, Belle could save the Beast and find Gaston’s death, she then even said that she loved the Beast meaning that the spell could finally be broken. The Beast and his servants were turned into human again and they finally lived happily ever after. That is all of the Beauty and the Beast summary for you.

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