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Making a decision to change the color of your hair is really not a trivial matter, it is a brave one. There are still a lot of people who said that changing the natural color of your hair is equal to disgrace God’s gift to us. However, this is really not the case to debate right? Beautify what God has gifted to us is actually another form of our thankfulness to him. God even send us various types of all natural hair dye to help us color our hair without harming it.


Do you know what hair dye that is claimed to be all natural? Let’s take a look at this passage further. Today, this article we have here is going to give you brief explanation and examples of all natural hair colors you can safely use to dye your hair. All of these following hair colors are made of natural and organic ingredients that will not harm our hair. We all know that hair is actually fragile and can be easily damaged by chemical substances. Coloring your hair using the prepacked hair dye products out there will possibly put your hair to risk. Under this concern, it will be better if you take the natural way of coloring hair so you will be able to preserve the health and beauty of your hair.


Homemade Natural Hair Dye

All Natural Hair Color All Natural Hair Dye

All Natural Hair Color

One example of all natural hair dye recipes that has been very popular is natural blonde from organic ingredients. This type of natural hair dye is formulated to get blonde hair color naturally, without using any products of chemical hair dye. In order to make this natural blonde recipe, you need to prepare the ingredients first, they are chamomile flowers, marigold flowers, lemon juice, acacia honey, rhubarb root powder, alcohol and also vinegar.

Henna Dye for Natural Hair 300x220 All Natural Hair Dye

Henna Dye for Natural Hair

All of these ingredients, except lemon and alcohol, should be boiled in a saucepan for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. After you got the extracts of those ingredients now you can put it in a bottle after let it cool. Mix the extract with lemon juice and alcohol then shake it so it can mix completely. Apply this mixture on your hair and wait for a moment to let it works.


Natural Brands
Most Popular Natural Hair Dyes All Natural Hair Dye
Aside from homemade natural hair dye you can make at home, you can also look for several trusted hair dye brands that is proven to have natural ingredients. The first example is Henna hair color product that is made of henna plants. This type of plant is able to create color naturally by binding its molecules with the keratin in your hair shafts. There are several colors you can get for Henna including black, brown and red.
Natural Hair Dye without Chemicals 300x199 All Natural Hair Dye
Another brand of all natural hair dye you can find in the markets is Palette By Nature. This brand said that their products are mostly made of organic ingredients and are one hundred percent plants based hair dye system. Their products are chemical free so you can surely use their products without worrying of damaging your hair in return.

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